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It's been a calm and relaxing day on the #homestead, the temperature has gone up considerably , from a chilly 22 degrees at 7 am to 40 by noon. The sun is out and life is good.

Or so I thought. While making the coffee I heard a screech, so I listened some more, followed the sound. Next thing I hear is, OMG my hair, this is the worst bad hair day in my life. PLEASE, someone save me.


Next thing I hear is, no worries young lady, I am Mousier Dafya Duck, I am an expert with bad hair days, please allow me....


Whispers in the background...

Holy mother, I am scared sitless, I am staying in the shadows .

IMG_8792 (2).JPG

Don't worry, I can do the clean up, that farm-mom will never know.


Will you guys stop worrying, if she hangs these kind of signs, how bad can she be?


Laugh, love, and giggle, there is always time for @googlyeyes and more fun!!

Happy healthy Holidays to all my #googlyeyes friends.
Laughter makes life better!!!🤣😂😁😅😍🤩🥰


😂 those googly eyes are everywhere 😘

I know right? We can't seem to get rid of these little fellows.
If they hang around any longer, I'll be setting a place for them at the table.

Merry Christmas see you 26

Looking forward to some more Holiday cheer.💝

Send our best wishes to the Roca clan.
Enjoy the kids and Christmas morning. I'll facetime you.
Merry Christmas, love you Ryan😘🎅🤶🎄

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New target 1750.

I will gladly help you to reach this.

1501 !!!

Love this! Made me smile. :))

That's exactly what it was intended to...#makemesmile.
Glad you liked it.😀

Did you let your grandson loose with the googleyes or are you really that cute?!? Haha

Talk about laugh 'til you cry, that's what we did after I pulled out the bag of #googlyeyes and told everyone to use their imaginations and place some eyes around.

Well it started with my daughter Erica putting big eyes on her dogs butt.
That was all it took for my grandson to catch on . We had these stupid eyes everywhere, funny stuff.


Those are the moments they’ll remember forever. I would’ve put a pair on the toilet seat or the toilet paper roll. Haha…

Why didn't I think of that, the toilet paper, maybe that would help alleviate my fear of running out of that all important roll.😏

Or least it would do is bring the husbands eye roll in the bathroom with you as you yell out “hunny, we need more toilet paper”. Haha

No worries, picked up a 20 roll case yesterday.hehe

...cause everything is better with googly eyes!

Googlyeyes, I'm surprised there were any left. I'm still finding an eye here an eye there. The latest one I just discovered was yesterday and it was stuck to the bottom of a frying pan.
I noticed it when the pan was lying on the burner kind of funny. Every time I run into another googlyeye it puts a smile on my face, @farm-mom
With the grandchildren coming up for 3 or 4 days, do you want me to order another bag of a !,000, the first bag went in 2 days. 😁

hahahaha yeah, just do an amazon re-order, #googlyeyes are a must have.

I made an order at aliexpress late this November, they never came... probably should do it earlier -- or they have a solid chance to get lost, pre-New Year weeks are the nightmare for the postage service...

Ah so cute. Enjoy your holidays.

I’m sorry for missing your post @farm-mom, I guess is my busyness these days.
It’s so funny imagining your house full of voices coming from here and there unexpectedly...hahaha, you’re amazing building up such stalkering googlyeyes stories. Totally loved it!
Big hugs and best wishes over there ❤️

Aweee, these posts are so much fun...hugs right back at you! 😊🤗🎄

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