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RE: 👀 #GooglyEyes 📷 Carlo Petrocchi - Things With Eyes Vol.67

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Oh yes he does :D

Thanks for stopping by. I do see your name so often because @dustbunny sees quite a lot of your dust. You're quite the engagement champion on the platform aren't you?! :D That's awesome!

Unfortunately, though, it seems like a lot of that dust stays dust and withers away... I'm not trying to sell you anything here, but since you're on the bunny's watchlist for free the attention it's willing to give you is quite limited, a small delegation towards the bunny will help it fluff up a lot more of that dust for you.


A small delegation. 🙂

every little bit helps ;)

The bunny is set up in such a way that a free membership doesn't work too well anymore if the user has already earned a significant stake on the platform, so that little delegation does actually make quite a difference in how much fluff the bunny will be willing to bring your way.

source: discord

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