👀 #GooglyEyes 📷 Carlo Petrocchi - Things With Eyes Vol.67

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This is Carlo,


he's an over-sized pet rock with a truly happy disposition.


Carlo Petrocchi #GooglyEyes Title Image eyebombing by @fraenk


You might think he's just enjoying spring coming back and the meadows turning green again, but in reality he's been smiling like this since forever, or at least since before anyone could possibly remember.


Carlo Petrocchi #GooglyEyes Portrait Image eyebombing by @fraenk


He doesn't care about the season or the weather, but it's reasonable to assume that actual weathering could have been the cause of his everlasting jolly expression.


Or maybe he just took a hard hit on the chin one day?


Carlo Petrocchi #GooglyEyes Full Scenery Image eyebombing by @fraenk


Maybe it doesn't even matter?! He doesn't need a reason to be happy!


Carlo Petrocchi #GooglyEyes Landscape Image eyebombing by @fraenk


Let's try to be more like Carlo.

Happy for no reason at all!



If Carlo's face looks a bit familiar to some of you, that's probably because he already had a cameo appearance in the recent #GooglyPrize announcement. @bucipuci had unlocked a little after-post-engagement challenge when he discovered him hiding in plain sight in the post's bonus image.

I dedicated 10 SBI shares for this little bonus-challenge, hoping for a few more googly fans to give Carlo some eyes, but only @bucipuci himself and @rubberduckiemom actually participated. Good for them, though, hehe. I'll award 6 shares to the hedgehog, for kicking the challenge off and submitting his entry and the other 4 shares go to Ren for her entry.

I'll send 10 STEEM over to @googlyeyes to issue the SBIs from there, that way we also get even more SBI-shares contributing to the googly prize-pool in the future.


aaaand... if you want to see a short-sighted impression of those lush green meadows from Carlo's point of view, I've also taken some additional @snaepshots when I met him on my mission to bring fresh and pleasing original flavor-images to the googly show.

Rumor has it Neil deGrasse Tyson hangs out over there, too?!?


everything is better with #GooglyEyes

especially over-sized pet rocks

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fraenk loves you!

Win SBD, STEEM and SP delegations by putting #GooglyEyes on things!


That Boulder has the sweetest smile! 👀

Oh yes he does :D

Thanks for stopping by. I do see your name so often because @dustbunny sees quite a lot of your dust. You're quite the engagement champion on the platform aren't you?! :D That's awesome!

Unfortunately, though, it seems like a lot of that dust stays dust and withers away... I'm not trying to sell you anything here, but since you're on the bunny's watchlist for free the attention it's willing to give you is quite limited, a small delegation towards the bunny will help it fluff up a lot more of that dust for you.

A small delegation. 🙂

every little bit helps ;)

The bunny is set up in such a way that a free membership doesn't work too well anymore if the user has already earned a significant stake on the platform, so that little delegation does actually make quite a difference in how much fluff the bunny will be willing to bring your way.

source: discord

Let’s all try to be more like Carlo happy for no reason at all that’s a great deal I am in !

I'm sure it's probably one of those "win-win" scenarios :P

Love Those , See you soon for your birthday cake , yes i WATCH you 👻👻


oh meow steemeow... I haven't seen you in such a long time...

are you ready for a group-hug?


Thanks for the SBI. It was a great challenge to give your Carl new googlyeyes :-D. Congratulations to @rubberduckiem for participation and win ;-)

Thank YOU! I'm just glad at least someone actually sees my bonus images in those announcements ;)

It's my pleasure ;-)

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