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Do you know what is this thing of #googlyeyes? If you never heard of it, click over the previous tag before the question mark and take a look to the awesome posts that are hunging from that amazing and original tag.

¿Sabes de qué se trata esto de #googlyeyes? Si nunca has oído hablar de ello, haz click sobre la etiqueta que puse antes del interrogante de cierre y echa un vistazo a los fantásticos posts que cuelgan de esa increíble y original etiqueta.

I have a persistent lack of time in my life so I have to be very proactive and take those oportunities that appear in front of my on the fly or I won't be able to come back and find the time to recover them. That's why I'm always in alert and my eyes are well trained to catch those funny eyes I love.
I should say that maybe they are too used to look for new "eyes". You don't beliver me?, take a look :

Tengo una contínua falta de tiempo en mi vida de modo que he de ser muy proactivo aprovechando las oportunidades que aparecen o de lo contrario no seré capaz de volver y encontrar el tiempo para recuperarlas. Ese es el porqué siempre estoy en alerta y mis ojos están bien entrenados para cazar esos divertidos "ojos" que tanto me gustan.
Debería decir que quizá están demasiado acostumbrados a buscar nuevos "ojos". ¿No me crees?, echa un vistazo:


Yeah I know they aren't googlyeyes but hey, I can't stop laughing at them and couldn't ignore those funny "eyes". As you know I'm always making things for the fun and from an honest perspective not caring about prizes and so on. This time wouldn't it be different. I know I'm not ellegible to win any googlyeyes prize but I think at least I can make you laugh a bit and that would be my best reward :)

Sí ya sé que no son googlyeyes pero ¡oye!, no puedo parar de reirme de ellos y no podía ignorar esos divertidos "ojos". Como sabéis siempre hago las cosas para divertir/me y desde una perspectiva honesta sin preocuparme por los premios y todo eso. Esta vez no iba a ser diferente. Sé que no califico para ganar ninguno de los premios pero si al menos soy capaz de haceros reir un poco, me sentiré más que recompensado :)

Hope that I got my goal of making you draw a little smile on your face...if that was the case you could perfectly stop by and tell it to me on the comments XD

Espero haber conseguido mi objetivo de dibujar una pequeña sonrisa en vuestra cara... si fué el caso podríais perfectamente decírmelo en los comentarios XD

Could it be without music this time? hahaha...nooo

¿Podría ser esta vez sin música?

👀 GooglyEyes 👀

Remember to look at the world with different funny eyes and listen with open ears...
Thanks to @fraenk for keeping this thing alive

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The smile is there and you managed to catch it. You passed the smile on to entertain the others. This is the main :-D

Yeah that’s my main goal in life, passing others some happiness (or at least a smile) while trying to live positive myself.
Thanks so much for your time and presence @bucipuci!
Big hugs and best vibes over there 🤗

I wish you many happy moments :-)

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Aha, yes I am smilling. You have got your goal but I prefer yours and all others originals googlyeyes they are more creative and funny ;)

Thx for coming @misschance 😁
Yeah I know these aren’t so cool than the normal googlyeyes but I didn’t want them to pile forgotten somewhere.
Best wishes for your week!
Hugs over there 🤗

You had a good idea :)
Enjoy your end of week with big Hugs.

Haha! I think they do fit as googlyeyes with thick thick lips! How cool is that! The bus has a pair of googlyeyes already stuck to the back of it by default! Nice catch @drakernoise!

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Haha yeah that’s what I thought at first sight... I was in a car as a passenger and both of us were moving, it was not an easy task to get the shot but it came not as bad finally.
Thanks so much for always being around dear @marblely.
Big hugs over there 🤗🤗

Yeah I know they aren't googlyeyes

...but...but...but... could have fooled me! The are exactly like googlyeyes so I think we can call them googlyeyes. :)

😁 I saw them immediately while chatting in the car with my boss who, by the way, kept moving roughly onwards and backwards so it made me difficult to take the shot. He also looked at me with strange eyes 🤣
Thanks so much for coming @geekdancing
Hugs and best wishes to you 🤗

Outsiders just never get it. #Googlyeyes outsiders.

Next time if you find yourself in a similar situation, remember to shout from the top of your lungs: "Stop" Don't move! Do nothing! I'm taking a photo of googlyeyes."


Hahaha... well I made it although he kept talking to me, cannot remember what it was about ... I was too busy at the moment 😝

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