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RE: 👀 #GooglyEyes 📷 Mr Nnng - Things With Eyes Vol.61

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Are you really looking for this guy?
He's a bit like him. Especially you mouth ;-)
Sometimes it seems to me that on the trees I meet the same faces in different places ;-). I prefer not to mention the time shift.


Heh! Your forest is full of magic, so I wouldn't be surprised to find more time-travelling googly spirits there :P

And yeah, that's the one! Was easy enough right?

0.1 SBD + 0.024 (the value of your upvote) is coming your way.

PSA: If anyone else decides to drop an upvote over there, leave a comment-reply below. I'll match your upvote value (up to 0.1SBD) with a direct SBD payment. Yes, I will "buy" manual upvotes for a random #GooglyEyes entry, because why not, maybe it helps build more community engagement?!?

Nice! And a sweet deal, done :)

Is Expressive Egg 1.0 still out there? Am I reading that right?

Yeap... the expressive egg is still unfound ;) And I believe it would be something you'd actually enjoy a lot yourself!

Also... upvote confirmed - 0.069 SBD reimbursement coming your way :D

Me too :D can't find this egg though hmmm

affirmative... 0.018 SBD on it's way!

Our forest is really charming ;-). And the picture I looked at before, so it was easy for me ;-)
P.S. Thanks for the evaluation ;-)

upvote done :)

confirmed... 0.01 SBD coming your way :D thanks