Google follows Facebook in Banning dodgy crypto advertisments 👍

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Last month it was Facebook banning dodgy crypto ads, today it's Google.

I wrote at the time of the Facebook ban, how It would be brilliant if Google took similar steps as Facebook.

It would be brilliant if Google took similar steps as Facebook. If they are unable to filter out the obvious scams then blanket ban the lot of them the less ads the better in any case! thumbs up to Facebook for trying to get it's act together.

Google is said to be banning advertisements for cryptocurrencies starting in June. the measures are a bid to curb the proliferation of scam sites and dodgy cryptocurrency products and services,.


In a previous post I highlighted how google was cashing in from scam Telegram ICO ads.

When first hearing the rumors of Telegram Open Network TON on a post by Dan Larimer in EOS Telegram Chat, I decided to take a look and try find out was going on.

As always comments welcome, share 🤔, resteem 🔃 like 👍 and most of all enjoy! 😃

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"eos" = wrong tag to use for your post. You should replace it by "ico", then your article would become even more visible for the search engines.
Have a nice day, Thierry

Yea, readers in 'eos' probably get it already, changed it to 'ico' hadn't thought of that, thanks ☺