Gado-Gado to Atnicholson.

in good-karma •  11 months ago

Namanya gado-gado 👍
Foto: Gado-gado Di Ambil Dengan Camera J7 Preme

This is typical Indonesian food, if you want to try it please to my country, I will be free guide for you. @atnicholson.
Thank you for sending me 😊😊😊
I am very excited to be successful thanks to your support.

👍👍👍 Thank you.

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Looks delicious @aneukbawang I would love to come visit Aceh and try it some day!

Thank you for your support and comments on my posts. I really apreciate it.

I wish you every success on Steemit.


I'm happy for you @atnicholson @aneukbawang , steemit meet good people


thanks @atnicholson
I will wait for you in Aceh.

thank you also for supporting me in steemit.

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