📝 List of proposed changes to the upcoming HF all in one single post, with the effective date of the HF, being July 10, 2017 12.00 GMT (GOLOS)

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This post opens up up a series of publications that will feature translations of the announcements of the official @golos account from Russian into English so that the English-speaking community of golos was able to be up to date.

Changes of the blockchain:

  • Dynamic selection of network parameters by delegates and the division of delegate roles into validators and delegates: validators (users with a working client of Golos Blockchain, for signing network blocks) and delegates (network users elected by voting, entitled to network parameterization). Due with the implementation of the possibility of dynamic selection of network parameters, we will temporarily introduce the opportunity to 19 delegates at the time of HF, to also act as members of the committee, with the option of selecting network parameters. In the upcoming HF, this opportunity will appear without depositing a estimated collateral for the right to act as a validator in order to give everyone the opportunity to prepare the necessary amounts before HF 0.3.

It should be noted that immediately after the HF 0.2, members of the committee will have the opportunity to change the previously implied number of "top" delegates (the minimum number is 11 by default, the maximum is not limited. You don't need to have a working node to become a member of the committee).

After the HF 0.3 the roles will be finally divided (with the adding of the translator role). This means the separate nodes of validators with an estimated guarantee and (possibly) separate members of the committee who don't need collateral.

  • Automatic zeroing of votes for committee members every 3 months.
  • Support for multisignature accounts (an ability to create accounts that require more than 1 signature to complete a transaction).
  • Support for UIA (user issued assets). This means that you can issue your own tokens (not smart coins) and use them on our blockchain. You can find examples of the implementation on Bitshares.
  • Support for Smart Coins (coins backed with different assets, as collateral at the choice of the creator represented by Golos tokens).
  • Limitation of the number of posts will be increased from 4 per day to 8.
  • The restriction on the length of the comment thread is removed.
  • The ability to edit posts after 30 days is added.
  • Payments for comments don't depend on the post content now.
  • All posts and comments receive payment in 7 days after posting. The second payment window no longer exists. The user has the opportunity to extend the window of payments for any period equal to the original 7 day period (for a certain amount in GBG. The amount will be sent to @null). By the following formula: ((input_time - time::now()).to_seconds() * cost_per_day * (1 + 0.1 * cashout_windows_amount) / (60 * 60 * 24) Number of payout windows = +0.1 (sic, this is a direct translation from the original post)
  • The rewards fund for comments exists separately from the posts, and is 10%.
  • Multiple beneficiaries of rewards for content (without GUI).
  • Delegation of the Golos Power (without GUI).
  • Accounts can be created with less commission and initial delegation of the Golos Power.
  • Mining is left in the current state until the next HF (the testing of public GPU of the miner is in the process).
  • Splitting of user content in natural languages.
  • The Golos Power's decrease is changed to 20 weeks (an error from the previous release).

Service Changes:

  • Managing snapshots of the network is handled by a single plugin which makes it easier to download and solve the problems with re-indexing Steemit accounts.
  • The implementation of primitive versioning and secondary index of objects in Chainbase.
  • The ranking algorithm of the "popular"'s tab has been changed to the mechanism is similar to the "actual"'s tab algorithm. This will make it possible to receive more natural issuance of posts in this tab.
  • The built-in NTP-service is disabled by default.

Web-client changes:

  • Additional registration via SMS.
  • Additional registration via email invite.
  • Advanced options in the user's wallet tab to creating assets are added.
  • An updated internal exchange with advanced features and an updated user experience.
  • Auxiliary arrow "up" to automatically scroll the page.
  • QR codes for the user's wallet passwords.
  • The ability to change the interface language of the page head without the need to enter the personal cabinet is added.
  • Auxiliary icons to the top menu are added.
  • The ability to upload images locally from a user device is added.
  • Button for extending the payout window near the "Promote" button is added.
  • The ability to display the posts list created by users in their national language is added.
  • The RocketChat icon is moved to the upper right corner of the interface header.
  • The color design of the pages is in the uniform style now.
  • The display of the post is changed - the user's avatar is displayed near to the author of the post.
  • For a more comfortable visual perception the comments show the nesting level.
  • Long comment threads are rolled up automatically now.
  • The author's avatar is displayed in the post header now.
  • The button "Vote for" is blue and when hovering comes to life with the help of modern css animation technologies now.
  • Additional minor updates of the web-client are possible.

Original post


After lengthy discussion and opposition from part of the witnesses it was decided that the first point would be omitted from the hardfork

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Nice summary.
It's great Golos is going a bit different way, it should definitely differentiate from Steemit by more than just name :-)

Great summary. It is sometimes very hard for me to follow this project, as I do not speak any Russian.

Nice to see the developments in Golos. All we now require is for the price to pop!

Очень важный момент связан с репостами. В блоге они не очень визуализированы, прямо скажем. Никакой возможности не будет их выделить? Хотя бы цветом? Или мы идем по пятам за Стиимитом?

Oh boy....this happens right after my birthday.... this is going to be exciting !

Thank for this translation. Where all these talks happening?