Golos follows Steem path with slight economic changes

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Today, thanks to our really awesome community, we successfully hardforked the Golos network to 16.3. That is our first hardfork. Some users was in need for transparency so here it is.

This are differences in economics that was accepted by our community.

More incentives for longterm investors

20 week power down instead of 13 weeks + 4% of yearly inflation instead of 1%. We don't have historical problems of Steem with distribution model and huge pump and dump. All our genesis investors accepted 2 year commitment. So we decide to make slightly longer powerdown period in exchange for significant increase in incentives.

More redistribution of capital for those how contribute

Starting from now year inflation is 15% against Steem's 10%. It decreasing 0.01% every 250,000 blocks until 0.95%. We are still behind Steem in terms of user adaption so we decided to put more incentives into our economy.

More incentives for authors and curators

10% of year inflation goes to authors and curators or 2/3 from printing press. We believe that this model allow to redistribute the network for those who bring value faster

Other is the same

  • As in Steem our delegates will earn 1% of year inflation
  • Curation and authorship structure is the same

Some highlights on project development

  • ~3 mln. cap according to cyber•Fund.
  • ~0,04% daily turnover (quite weak) on 4 listed exchanges.
  • ~7731 weekly active users according to Golosd against 7737 of Steem. @abit less!
  • ~40k daily transactions according to @arcange regular reports. That is 5th place for all public blockchains (Ripple, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Steem, Golos, ...)
  • 3 independent community joined our ecosystem: golos.io, molodost.bz, mapala.net. Hope for 3 more communities who are consider.
  • Fully dedicated team of 5 is working hard both on the golos, tolstoy and marketing stuff.
  • 16.3 version is now ahead of Steem. We are very proud that Escrow GUI was implemented first in Golos as in a testbed. There are at least 3 unique for Golos applications: Golosuy, Steemul and Rust Golos lib, I hope soon they will be ported to Steem.
  • We have very cool incentive for open source developers. About 10% of reward pool (thanks to @cyberfund) can be targeted to pay for releases of Golos/Steem based projects. Soon I will publish details so Steem developers will be able to adopt it as in majority of cases the code need to have very slight changes to support both networks.
  • Chess match Steem vs Golos is going to be very hot :-)

We are moving forward to combine the power of both networks.


Thanks for this. Resteemed!

Thanks a lot for the info! I invested a bit in Golos also but I sadly do not understand Russian language and did not knew what the update was about.

Thanks for sharing information in golos..
Good job.

Great work! I congratulate you!

hello @hipster thank you for upvoting my post a while ago..deepest thanks you my friend..i kindly follow you if you dont mind.thanks a lot

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