Golos•Core news. Hardfork 18 accomplished

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Hello everyone!

HF 18 took place on June 20th, 12 PM (Moscow time).

18 out of 21 witnesses (https://golos.io/~witnesses) have updated their software in time and successfully switched to the new version of Golos. We’re more than grateful for that!

We are very thankful to all those witnesses who were in constant touch with our team in anticipation of HF and who were assisting our devs in detecting the bugs. We would like to mention that Golos•Core has managed to operate the teamwork and complete this release in time. We find the “HF 17 to HF 18” progress absolutely remarkable and we do hope that it’s visible to our community as well.

Find the actual HF version (in case if you still need to update the node) under the following link:

Don’t forget to ask for any help or assistance or just say “Hi” via our Telegram channel (find the links below).

Softfork 0.18.1 и 0.18.2
Last but not least, we’d like to thank the witnesses for taking part in SF feature questionnaire and for helping us to idetify the tech priorities and shape our workflow for the next couple of weeks as we’re all about to get our hands on those features. SF 18.1 will directly comprise of hotfixes (that will supposedly take up to 10 days) when SF18.2 is all about developing and implementing new tech features.

Communication channels Golos•Core

https://t.me/goloscoretc (blockchain/node/API/etc. tech issues)
https://t.me/golos_tools (interface/additional Golos•Core tools issues)
https://t.me/goloscore_analytics (blockchain economics, economical data statistics, data analytics)
https://t.me/goloscoretech - newsfeed

We would be grateful that you would support our witness @goloscore. Please, visit https://golos.io/~witnesses and vote for Golos•Core witness.

Thanks for your attention! Have a nice day!
Best regards, Golos•Core team (to be found via golos.io): @andreypf, @korpusenko, @zxcat, @maslenitsa, @muhazokotuha, @epexa, @timurku, @mariadia, @annaeq, @kaynarov, @anazarov79, @rostislav.vel