Our war

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   People who don't participate in animal protection can hardly imagine that thousands of people are at war right here and right now. In a real war with its victims, shootings, executions, taking the wounded away from the battle-field...
   We wake up with a thought "What has happened today?" Who has been poisoned, shot and mured during the night? Who has been run over and left to bleed and die? There's no day without victims. There's no day without rescuers saving lives. No-one pays for their job — dirty, hard, sometimes even morally unbearable. The job that is parallel to our main job that has never been cancelled foe us.      

  We are animal protectors.  We have to struggle all the time.  

With the cruelty of adults "owner threw his dog out the window"    
and children "children set fire to the kitten",     
against the ignorance "It is necessary to give birth for health", "Don't want to neuter the cat, let him be a man", "My dog is smart enough, it walks on its own and will return".     
Against the elderly grannies craziness "fifty unsterilized cats in a one-room apartment" - these are the real words of my good friend-veterinarian.     
Against the arbitrariness of the HOA "they bricked up cellars, through the bars we can see the eyes and hear them crying",     
the cruelty of capturing "grabbed with pliers by the neck, threw it into the car, broke its paws", against the negligence and villainy of motorists "Knocked the dog and left",     
against betrayal "grandmother died, the house and old dog are left, we din't need the dog...", against betrayal "the cat gave birth to kittens, we put a-month-old kittens in a box, taped it and placed the box on the roadway/ into a trash box/to the doors of an asylum",     
against betrayal "Tied the dog to a tree and went away but left a bad with a blanket and a bowl", against betrayal...

     We have to see what the "civilians" tend to ignore: dogs' blood and sticking out bones they got after a car accident, disclosed abdomens of the dogs who turned victims of sadists, eyes of kittens blastered by cigarettes, severed paws, cut off heads, removed skins, poisoned dogs' twitches.

     Sometimes we do some back-breaking tasks: take heavy injured dogs up the upright walls, out the hatches, catchments, we take animal corpses out the roads so that the cars can't flatten them out, catch the aggressive and frightened animals, build crates and houses, shovel the snow away and bear heavy pans.

    You reproach us in rigidity and get outraged because of our intransigence "We can give you the dog under agreement only", wonder, that we do not take YOUR kittens to our homes "You're well animal protection, you do that all the time", and every day you make us participate in hostilities. 

   We, just like YOU, don't like aggressive packs - we have children and elderly parents. But we, unlike YOU, understand that killing animals can't solve the problem.

   No one is forcing us. But for our CONSCIENCE, kindness and SENSE OF JUSTICE. And where is YOUR conscience?

   People, think!  

If you neuter your dog or your cat - you won't have to drown, or attach unwanted pups/kittens!   

If you don't let your dog walk alone, it will never get lost! That's so simple - such a simple relation.   

If you speed down when you see a dying dog on the road, you will not lose anything, you will SAVE something - life.

If you grant a small sum to an animal asylum, some dog will eat meat instead of porridge.    

If you - yeah, I am speaking to YOU - bring a stray dog or cat home from asylum and YOU, and YOU as well - we'll not breed more unhappy, hungry and lonely animals.   

Please, show your MERCY! To the poor victims of our and YOUR war.  

     I've thought for quite a time whether I should put as a "greeting" this article written by my old friend Pauline Tretyakova, who is the leader of  the  group "Help the elderly dogs", a volunteer for the Novosibirsk animal protection...  But then I decided that the information provided by the Fund will anyway include something cruel, morally unpleasant that the thousands of voluntiers have to face on a daily basis, asylum owners, all those who somehow handle the problem of homeless animals.  But those who mostly deal with these problems are girls and women, they seem to have some compassion and mercy left.

    By and large people betrayed animals. The dog - hunter, cartage, guard and shepherd has been beside the man for 40000 years. And less than 100 years ago people began to move globally to the cities, and dogs, cats were not needed any longer, they were thrown onto the street. And still after this betrayal they keep guarding humans. If tomorrow all the dogs and cats disappear - once and forever - the cities will be flooded with torrents of mice, polecats and foxes that bear a wide range of various infections and humans will hardly be able to handle them. The cities' natural barrier against the wildlife is stray dogs and cats. Those we treat with such cruelty.

    Still, I believe that most people who live in cities don't even see this problem plunged into the constant bustle, they can't understand the loathsome some scums perform in blind ends, deserted buildings where no-one can see them.  That's why I appeal to everyone who is not indifferent to the issue, I ask you to upvote this article and help the fair sex to handle the problem they deal with.

   If some of you don't pass indifferently a granny walking with a number of stray dogs but will stop for a minute and find out whether she needs help to neuter or cure her pets, and then will help her or inform us about the fact - we've managed to complete our mission. 

 I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot. I wish you were either one or the other! So, because you are lukewarm—neither hot nor cold—I am about to spit you out of my mouth.
Book of Revelation   

Funds raised by this post are allocated to the program of stray animals neutering, organized by "Help the elderly dogs" community and Golos-Zoo-Fund. 

Thank you!!! Please keep raising awareness! My dog I rescued from drunks that tortured him for fun. The rent house behind me was always full of jerks that would move and leave pit bulls chained to a tree. I rescued two and found good homes for them. I managed 3 cemeteries for a number of years and for some reason people found them handy for discarding unwanted pets. So we took them in and found them homes. Sometimes I wondered if I was managing cemeteries or an animal rescue operation! The city where i live is overrun by feral cats...to the point that the city is concerned...PLEASE keep telling people to neuter maybe someday they'll listen.

Thank you so much for your response and for the help you provide poor animals with - that's worth great respect

Thank you for your work! It's really important!

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