FYI: GOLOS CLASSIC will become a SMT community with tokens on the STEEM BLOCKCHAIN 1:1 distributed to holders of GOLOSPOWER at BLOCK 13,450,000 minus the founders accounts.

The founders of GOLOS scammed the entire community of investors by not delivering sustainable updates and hardforks which was requested by the majority of the community, shareholders and witnesses. Because "life on Golos" has become a living hell, we have decided to move forward with this project bringing the Russian Community back to STEEM without the dictatorship and incompetence of those in charge.

A Community GOLOS on stable grounds

Blacklisted Founder Accounts and associates

The community has created a blacklist over Founder-accounts and associates which will not receive anything because they lied to us, spent our investments on everything but development and should and will therefore not be rewarded.

So what do we do with the GOLOSPOWER from the founder accounts?

It will be reditributed equally to everyone who holds GOLOSPOWER at block 13,450,000 which you can monitor here: Let us say the founders have 40 million GOLOSPOWER, and there is 100 000 GOLOS accounts, then every account will receive 400 GolosClassicPower + your own STAKE in GOLOSPOWER as GolosClassicPower.

What will happen to my original GOLOS account?

Nothing. It will stay where it is, you should probably write a post to your audience over there with link to your new blog on GolosClassic SMT when it is ready.

How will I be able to claim my tokens?

We will invent a smart way for that unless STEEMIT INC already has a smart way for that in the upcoming updates. Everything is possible, it is just Software.

How can I help

Once STEEM fork to SMTs, we will give more updates. Suggestions and debate will be welcomed in the comments below. Until then, Make sure you hold GOLOSPOWER at block 13,450,000 on the GOLOS Chain or you will miss out.


Wow this is huge! Glad to see there is initiative being taken. This makes me even more excited to see more SMT projects in the future :)

yeah man see there we go weaponx man yeah bro yeah yeah come over to my place we will get high and watch the golos price go HIIIGH

Do u wnna build a snowman? cuz i got hookers and blow man,

suck you so hard itll make you crow man

but dont worry shes just a hoe man

Can I make one but for Golos and Steem?

Hahahaha keep doin you man. You are dat dude!

we are now doing more than SMT, golos is being added to steem engine and then, EOS-EX token for EOS , GOLSO CLASSIC will be an EOS token and then, crypto valuyten heaven it arrives at the gates of newdex the forbidden city

13450000 is arrived :)

I am sure that with the right approach GolosClassic have a great future on Steemit. Familiar to all users of the platform, but having a completely unique economy and game mechanics. Golos Classic will attract a huge number of new users from the international community, because it will be young Steemit. Bright, fast and bold. Many of us will find a new life here.

GOLOS CLASSIC step in future for our community

Golos is rising again. Hopefully it'll bounce back to where it was before the crypto crash. Damnit, but I believe Golos Classic will be worth more since the lack of the oppressors. Not selling out completely yet either way.

Implementation of this idea raises many questions. But this is a good kick for Golossoer, I hope it will be sobering.

Oh my :0

My nickname on Steem is chance777, my nickname is on golos - process.
Will I get a SMT/Golos on a new project?

Мой ник на Стиме chance777, мой ник на golos - process.
Получу ли я голоса на новом проекте?

Sorry but we are supporting Steem not the Steam gaming platform, but maybe we will add chance777 to our steam friends list and play some counter strike with u

OOOh maybe you meant Steem instead of stem? well u better spell it the right way if u wanna void confuision!

ANYWAY smart media token? just make your own!

oh u mean wuill YOU get some?

yes if u had steem and golso before the snapshot u should be getting some free money dont worry!

Steem (not Steam), of course.
Some users joined the Golos after his separation from Steam, and only then registered for Steam, but some of the nicknames were already occupied.

Isn’t the steemit blockchain longer than the one from golos? Could he therefore have only an golos account and create a new steemit account for the distribution?

Some users joined the Golos after his separation from Steem, and only then registered for Steem, but some of the nicknames were already occupied.

Aah ok, so there was an airdrop, but I was 1 week later on steemit.

This is great news, I like to receive free coins for already owned !!!))

My account on the Golos , I have had 208,886 GOLOS on this block, I fix this moment))

Я так понимаю, что учитываются только Сила Голоса

Да. Это моя СГ на момент форка))) Но вообще у меня ликвидных Голосов и нет почти, они хуже рынка и сильно, ликвидные крипты лучше не Голос держать, вон НЕО радует, Арагон... Статус вообще удалось Х7-Х10 сдать от дна. Те иксы, что дал Голос на этом пампе с декабря, хуже рынка, там Х3 от дна всего, и попасть в вершину тяжело, ликвидные дают время на выход хоть какое-то, и иксов больше)))

очень круто, я только за!
как по мне это очередной хайп
есть две проблемы

  • SMT токены, по моему мнению, будут мб в 2019 году. Для начала они даже не приняли ХФ велосити, и хрен примут, поскольку без ХФ проблемы с нагрузками которые хреново решаются, с велосити их станет больше, а если велосити не добъет стим, то это точно сделает СМТ
  • ну как быть тем. у кого нет зеркального ника на стиме? а если есть, но это не он?

Что-то ты совсем не веришь в программистов Стимита. Я думаю связи с EOS у разработчиков Стимита остались, если там все будет решено с масштабируемостью, то и в Стимите решат.

делать нехер прогерам стима, как голосом заниматься)
это очередной ничего не значащий хайп от норвежца. пока он гораз языком мотать. круто будет если это дело двинется, но я очень и очень сомневаюсь

Я не вникал пока честно. Но вроде эти SMT токены должны быть простыми, как два пальца об асфальт, чтобы все могли печатать.

Норвегу, если для выхода, это никакого хайпа не даст. Наоборот, ибо блок форка слишком быстро прошел и никто не успел отреагировать. Такой вброс скорее спровоцирует падение Голоса, возможно это и есть его цель, и на самом деле он хочет усилить свой стек? Хз в общем. Я ничего особо не жду, у нас есть хорошая пословица - даренному коню в зубы не смотрят!)))

Я полагаю что токены должны выдавиться не по нику иначе реально Бардак будет :)

Нужна подтверждающая транзанкция с аккаунта в Голосе. Хотя у меня ники, слава богу, совпадают.

И зря они так быстро сделали снепшот, оттянули бы на недельку, думаю Голос бы неплохо подрос на этом.

Да просто можно сделать тему на Голосе, где каждый желающий напишет свой ник в стиме - а бот уже будет отправлять по своему списку из слепка.

Wow! nice post.. Thanks for giving the news.. I like your post very much.. Keep it up.. Stay blessed be happy.. Thank you..

That is your name.

Not me, but Adev. Do you like him?

so GOLOS holders get steem.. im confused

GOLOSPOWER holders get an SMT token called GolosClassic held in GolosClassicPower at 1:1 with their account balance at the snapshot block. If I am correct you can power up or down to GolosClassic tokens which is tradeable against STEEM on the new internal SMT marketplace. The rules of the community will of course be in accordance with the community wishes as far as that is technically possible and voting on stuff with your stake should be possible as well.

The supply will be much smaller then the supply of GOLOS because the snapshot only look at GOLOSPOWER and nothing else, to give community a fresh start with no liquid tokens until after the first post payouts.

It is an opt in or opt out pioneer project, and a 100% community driven project and 100% voluntary.

I will support it, and hope to see others voluntary support it so the GOLOS community can get the platform they deserve.


Your participation gives weight to the new project. But it's time to do things. Endless threats and declarations of intent we have already heard many times.

Твое участие придает вес новому проекту . Только пора уже делать дела. Бесконечные угрозы и декларации о намерениях мы уже слышали много раз.

Форка-то нет пока, но это я считаю самое удачное решение для отдельного комьюнити - делать его на стимовской базе.

Ты такая красотка на этой фотке, тебе идет блонд)

По сабжу: Хорошо бы чтобы уже начали что-то делать. "По делам их вы узнаете их..."

Golos holders will get golos classic as far as i understand, but i do not understand how it can be done technically.
It seems SMT is connected to Steem and is exchanged for it.

Looks like the plan might actually work )
To bad that it have to rely a lot on Steemit inc ability to fulfill its promices.
In relation to this Steemit inc is not much better then CyberFund is.

Steemit constantly does forks and I think there are no such problems with the development (as with Golos). To be honest, for the whole time of the existence of the Golos, the only good thing that has been done for the project is the listing on Bittrex.

Steemit constantly does forks

Isn't it like a year since the last hardfork now?

Oops, and in the Steem there are problems ??? (((
I did not know this, sad...

It all depends on how you look at it. Some people believe that we don't get enough information and updates from the developers, while others think that it is fine. I guess everyone should make their own opinion of the situation :)

This means that those who were on golos will receive steem?

no, they will receive a so called SMT token called GolosClassic in GolosClassicPower equivalent to what they had at the snapshot block. When they power it down they should be able to sell it for STEEM on the SMT marketplace as we have heard.

A very promising solution, GOLOS users have long deserved a different attitude to themselves.

My account on the Golos , I have had 18,821.837 GOLOS on this block.

Who is behind this fork? I don't see any information about the new Team.

While steem recently became the third-largest digital currency as measured by market capitalization, surpassing $400 million this month, some market experts are skeptical of steem and have expressed doubts about its economics.

The digital currency’s market capitalization surged in July, rising more than 2,000% from $17.9M to $411.9M between 04:14 UTC on 6th July and the same time on 20th July, CoinMarketCap figures reveal. The digital currency’s price climbed more than 1,800% during this period, increasing from $0.24 to $4.63.

For those new to the digital currency, users can obtain steem by posting content on social media platform named Steemit. When users publish popular content, as measured by upvotes, they receive steem tokens. By developing such a platform, Steemit’s creators have stated that they want to allow users to receive a reward for the content they create.

"The concept itself is interesting, it is a Reddit and Quora mashup with a strong monetary incentive to produce good quality content," Joe Lee, co-founder and CIO of digital currency trading platform Magnr, told CoinDesk. "Whether steem succeeds as a digital currency will be more a reflection of Steemit’s success as a platform as opposed to the economics of the coin itself. This is a good example of a digital currency whose value will be closely affiliated to its utilitarian value as a social networking and sharing platform."

My account for the Voice On the morning of this day and now it is 10,386,356 GOLOS

Моя учетная запись на Голос
На утро данного дня и на сейчас на ней находятся 10,386.356 GOLOS

snapshoot was ended.. right?

Thx for this great news, now let's wait for the SMT update!!

I am not following on Golos, but moving over to SMT looks like a positive thing for Steem project. Welcome guys, by the way, @bittrex account was trying to support your project with 400 SBD through the @booster vote bot, though the link they put there to this articles is missing the https, hence that is lost money.


We're at block 13453991 now, so we have been, um, snapshotted already? Didn't hurt at all 8-).

Did I understand correctly? Will there be exactly as many SMT as there was GOLOS POWER at the time of taking the snapshot? When will the snapshot be taken? What will happen with GOLOS and GBG?

I subscribed to your blog to be in the know

I signed up, I will follow the news.

Good for you! It takes guts to launch a community takeover.

Are you gonna launch new chain and restore accounts from golos snapshot? Or, whether you'll do in on Steem, how do you plan to transfer accounts?

Interesting - concurrency always drive progress - so it’s good stimul.
I personally for last few month post both on golos and steem and think more ecosystems means more diversity.
Though making blacklists who gets new tokens who not is potentially dangerous.

If you keep your promises, GOLOS.IO will be back in 2016.
That's cool! ;)

В данный момент он оторвался от 2016 всего на 10 биткоинов))

там в 16-м, есть период когда токены вообще не листились на биржах ;)
Вот будет веселуха -КФ с СГ и gbg которые нельзя обналить в фиат.

in such a long time, happily join the message steemit from golos.

What a great idea. I've heard of all the corruption that was going on over there and just assumed the project was dead, but to move back to Steemit and create an SMT is inspiring. Great job for the community stepping up and turning something pretty shitty into something that can once again help build an amazing community. Best of luck!

congratulations ^_^

GOLOS Fork!!!! I'm so waiting it!!!!

I would like to be part of this great project

looks like scam)

how can it be a scam? there is no ICO, no founder rewards or technical accounts... Just the community and their holdings. A fresh start to developing the community without constantly being pushed away from the incompetent leadership who even managed to lose their developers. And even their private keys.

subscribed, I will follow with interest the news from you)
подписался, буду с интересом следить за новостями от вас)

Сергей, что это за блок 13,450,000 ? Голос или сила голоса?

Мне-то откуда это знать, Руслан?) если следовать буквализму текста, то конечно это СилаГолоса.

Ты активен в жизни голоса и стимита, потому всяко больше меня понимаешь в местных реалиях

Не совсем так: Я ушел с Голоса, он бесперспективен для меня. И написал там прощальный пост)
А так тебе все верно уже объяснили: сегодня около пополудни был добыт искомый блок. Фиксация СГ на момент его открытия. Но это (Голос Классик) дело довольно отдаленного будущего, кмк. Жалею, что в Стим вовремя не переложился, а сейчас цены просто дикие.

Блок это блок данных о транзакциях, проведенных пользователями на блокчейне Golos за определенное время, и подписанный его Делегатами.
На сейчас 13,450,000 уже пройден
Golos block.JPG
и если верить автору, все у кого был позитивный баланс СГ на тот момент получат что-то... когда-то...

Если так, то замечательно, потому что голос мне стал неинтересен и я вывожу СГ.
А раз ее сфоткали еще не выведенной- то отлично. А если не так, то тоже не опечалюсь- интересной крипты полно на биржах)

Да, я уже поспрашивал у знающих людей. Сказали что снимок сделан сегодня. И это именно СГ.

То есть, если у меня на голосе на момент снимка 1000 СГ, то я получаю 1000 GolosClassicPower? Здесь, на стиме?

Great news. You will succeed!

Wow, This is very good for our community.

Well, why not.

Maybe this will spur the unskilled monopolists from the Golos to something productive.

How about translating this to russian and post from the @coinbank Golos acc to make a catalyst for discussion?

Surprising only is @fyrstikken's confidence in the Golos prospects. I would have long ago sold all the tokens and forgot about it. Especially considering that many users are already moving here.

Where can I find more information about SMTs? I am really interested but its hard to follow

How it,ll be if I have two different accounts with the same spelling?

If the GOLOS CLASSIC will be just as easy to develop and earn newcomers, as on Steemit I'm just for. I am also for the delegation of power, for linearity, for boosters available to ordinary members of the community and for other buns that are on Steemit, but not on the

I joined, I will take after the news.

I do not know if this is a good idea but here it is:
One have a promoted section like steemit does but with the golosclassic tokens and second ad banner that works by like how the promoted section works but a banner. This will let more of the tokens to be burned. Food for thought.

I am wondering if we all Steemit and Golos members will receive the new tokens.

Golos is scam ?

Please let us know when the start of issuing tokens and launching the site, or is it just a dream and in the near future is not feasible?

Very important this... Thank u..

I'm programmer who really wants to help make golos great again, (I've create steem secure login and I am maintaining steem-js lib)
I want to join your team, would you accept me? And how to join if you do?

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