🐦 Popular posts in the last 24 hours!

in goldvoice •  10 months ago

Finally! 🐦 Now you won’t miss a super-duper-joker-post as on GoldVoice appeared section Popular.

At the moment the most rewarded posts are displayed there in the last 24 hours 🦊

What ideas do you have for improving this section?

Other news

The popularity of the experimental anonymous bot @Q-Q is quite unusual so it was decided to create a friend for it: @u-u with posting the key 5JFvf2hc2cARPXYdxmeaBvMZq6zepJNKPm8hYvSrm8uH5dp1YiP

Both have increased the Golos Force by 100. Enjoy. If you want, you also can increase Golos Force to them ;)

We also added a save tick for automatic voting for the post.

🖖 Thanks everybody for your attention, we will be glad to receive your ongoing support. 💌 Put upvotes, subscribe to @on1x and go to GoldVoice.club - bset Golos blockchain client.

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