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Goldmoney T shirt tour 2016

2016 has been an enormously transitional year for me personally. I have gone through tremendous change, yet have found a passion awakened in me like never before.

While it is difficult to articulate, the drive within me to spread the word of this mission has taken me on a journey and inspired me in an unprecedented way.

The Why is important, though not fully understood even by myself. Perhaps it is the potential scale, perhaps it is my personal level of comprehensive, perhaps I have been waiting for something like this my whole life.

Perhaps it is all those things.

I have found that the best way use my effort, commitment, resources and time is to manifest something visual so that others can see it and learn from it as well. I am also representing how the resources of this company can and should be used everywhere.

I call this the Goldmoney T shirt tour.

An outsider might ask, why such passion for a public company? I might tell them simply... because money effects literally everyone.

Every human being is effected by money. I'm not talking about the glamorous side of money (is there a glamorous side?). I'm talking about the global erosion of purchasing power on a unprecedented world fiat money standard.

Goldmoney provides a solution. Read more about that here:

Without further *ado, enjoy these pictures from the Goldmoney T shirt tour 2016!

*Just one more ado.... Goldmoney used to be called Bitgold, and the Company rebranded halfway through my tour, so keep in mind it is the same Company :)

San Francisco Bay Area

The Federal Reserve Washington DC

The Bureau Of Engraving and Printing Washington DC

The Wall Street Charging Bull New York City

The New York Stock Exchange New York City

JP Morgan Building New York City

The Statue of Liberty New York City

Fast Money Set New York City

Harvard Yard Boston

Harvard Square Boston

Boston Harbor Boston

FreedomFest Planet Hollywood (Jeff Berwick The Dollar Vigilante!) Las Vegas

Goldmoney Booth FreedomFest Las Vegas

Fenway Park Boston

Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco

Lombard Street San Francisco

Scottish Games Bay Area

Nordstrom Bay Area

Prager Winery Napa Valley

^ Unknown Location

Toronto with my new BFF

Toronto With my old BFFs

Niagra Falls Niagra Canada

Goldmoney Cube Halloween

Thats a good part of the 2016 Goldmoney/Bitgold T shirt tour. I could have put more pictures up, but time is running out and soon the year will be over :)

Happy New year everyone!!!!

If you want to help me start spreading the word about Goldmoney and do your own T-shirt tour, you can buy the shirt here:

And, tag me in the pictures you post!

If you know want to know why Goldmoney will change the world :

If you are Jose Canseco and reading this I know you would love to create a personal gold standard with a Goldmoney account! DM me for details Jose!

If you are Steph Curry and reading this:

For a free Goldmoney Mastercard you can load from your Goldmoney account start here:

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