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RE: Trillionaire Fund Manager Martin Armstrong Was Framed By Our Corrupt Government

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Hey man, I've read your older posts and have some questions..
I'm trying to invest for my future and am not interested in trading.
I just wanna hodl TRB (legacy) the safest way through the next 5 years..
Can you write a quick tutorial on how to do that the safest way?

Is it already safe to just hodl one's btc on legacy (1....) addresses?

Or does one have to check that the btc one has were only on legacy (1...) addresses?
How can one do that on CEX, without DEX? (cuz there aint real yet..)
I guess one basically has to trade one's segwit btc to the exchange, trade them, withdraw and look into the coins history if they were on segwit addresses anytime? If yes, repeat until one has only coins which only were on legacy addresses..?

I hope I understood the most important stuff..

(by @lauch3d)