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As Dr. Douglas continued her talk, Christie began to feel uncomfortable because she’d been skipping breakfast and had been on a diet not prescribed by a doctor or dietician, in a bid to lose weight. “Your own problem may not be malnourishment but overeating”, Dr. Douglas was saying. Overeating causes high cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease (high blood pressure), sleep apnea (temporary suspension of breathing during pressure), major depression, kidney disease, and arthritis. My advice: always eat nutritious foods and well-balanced diets, and eat moderately too; she counseled.
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Another health risk you take as women is poor hygiene. Hygiene includes personal grooming and cleaning of your home and surrounding. Personal grooming or hygiene encompasses all of the daily routines that help keep your body clean. This includes brushing and flossing, washing your hair, washing your hands, trimming your finger and toe nails, properly disposing your sanitary pads, bathing, wearing deodorant when possible and keeping your clothing clean. When you don’t learn these habits, or you overlook them, certain consequences may develop, ranging from social problems to potentially serious diseases, including being ostracized by family, friends and the society, body odor, Bad breath, dental diseases, general illness, infection in the urinary tract, boils, ringworm, body lice, influenza, and depression. An individual’s body naturally harbours bacteria, and if these bacteria are allowed to build up, they become harmful to the individual and others. Good personal hygiene reduces the buildup of bacteria.

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Unhygienic environment can also hamper your health. Overgrown lawn; dirty ponds and gutters; overflowing waste bin or garbage; unwashed toilets/bathroom and plates; dusty chairs, tables and cabinets; and untidy home and compound breed bacteria, insects and vermin; cause air pollution and respiratory diseases; and contaminate surface waters, which affects all ecosystems.
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The flies that visits your waste bins, for instance, are also the same flies that roam around your lunch buffet and drop their off springs on your plate, increasing the risk of your contracting salmonella, which causes typhoid fever, food poising, enteric fever, gastroenteritis, and other major illnesses. Besides flies, other animals that drive from the garbage in and around the bin containers include rats, foxes and stray dogs.

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