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In the match against the uplanders team, the sub mariners turned out to be the dark horse a.played most brilliantly b. played below their usual form c. won unexpectedly d. lost as expected e. won as expected.
His jail terms were to run concurrently. A. simultaneously b.uniformly c. laboriously d. consecutively e. judiciously
The bill has to wait as we are now insolvent a. bankrupt b. overworked c. unsettled d. affluent e. insoluble
He stared at her. A. glanced b. peeped c. looked d. gazed e. fixed
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The teacher ……….. the lesson yesterday. A. teaches b. taught c. has taught
Now he…….. questions to see if the students have understood the lesson. A. asks b. is asking c. asked
As he …………. not satisfied with the answers, he …….. the lesson tomorrow. A. is, will repeat b. was, would repeat c. is, repeated
John ………….. in hospital for two weeks. A. is lying b. lies c. has been lying
We …………. Him yesterday. A. were visiting b. visited c. have visited

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He …… completely. a. recovers b. recovered c. has recovered
Mist probably he …...... to school next week. A. will come b. would come c. has come
Mark ……….. for jobs ever since he passed his examinations in March. A. has applied b. has been applying c. applied
Last month he …… for an interview. A. has appeared b. appeared c. was appearing
He ……….. for the results. A. waits b. is waiting c. waited
I …….. to my friend a fortnight ago inviting her to spend the holidays with me. A. have written b. wrote c. was writing
Yesterday, I ………her reply. A. was receiving b. received c. have received
I …… for a pen …….. this composition. A. look, write b. am looking, to write c. look, for writing
She …… up the stairs slowly because she didn’t want……….. a. was climbing, fall b. climbed, to fall c. was climbing, falling
The teacher ………. the students ……. the sum. A. was asking, to solve b. asked, solved c. asked, to solve

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Nobody …….. that he is innocent. A. is believing b. believes c. believe d. believed
Although the children were tired, they ……..playing were. A. continuing b. continued c. had continued
The stranger……. The shopkeeper to give him a glass of water because he ….. thirsty a. was requesting, was b. requested, was c. requested, is
Mother …….. busy cooking for the guests who are arriving in the evening. A. was b. has been c. had been
The sparrow …….. away happily after eating the mango. A. flies b. flew c. is flying
In spite of being very intelligent, he ……..scored good marks. A. does not b. has not c. do not
The erring students ……. With a strict warning by the principal. a. let off b. were let off c. have let off
Penguins are different from other birds because they …….. to life in the water. A. are adapting b. are adapted c. have adapting.
The two sprinters were running neck and neck. A. exact level b. very slowly c. very fast d. with their necks together e. together
A. comissioner b. commisioner c.commisssioner d. commissioner
A. domitry b. domitary c. dormitory d. dormitry
A. cardigar b. cadigam c. cardigan d. caridagam
A. sthetoscope b. stethoscope c. stethoscope d. steotoscope
A. advicer b. advissar c. adviser d, advaiser
A. delima b. dilimma c.dilemma d. dilemma
John and …….are friends a. me b. I c. we d. us
The choir …… the same song yesterday. A. sung b. sing c. sang d. song
The veteran soldier……… many wars in his lifetime. A. has fought b. was fighting c. fights d. fought
The dog……. Kojo in the market yesterday. A. bites b. beat c. bit d. bite
We were at his mercy ……… the party lasted. A. since b. after c. when d. while
Tolu has gone home …….? A. has he b. can’t he c. hasn’t he d. won’t he

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