A Sea of Tranquility, Cebu, Philippines – GoldenHour Photography

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This photo was taken from a restaurant at the bottom of the Moalboal peninsula on Cebu. (You can see the restaurant's thatched roof in the top-right of the photo.)

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A skyful of radiance 

During the 10 days that I stayed on Moalboal, I was treated to a wide variety of magnificent sunsets. Each different, and each very beautiful. In the evening, I would find a different place along the shore to enjoy the sunset.    

On this particular evening, the sun had dipped behind the clouds on the distant horizon, but its radiance continued to light up the sky.

A sea of tranquility 

Consequently, the hidden sun cast only a soft reflection on the sea. And the sea itself had become very calm. In the soft light, the atmosphere became even more tranquil.

This is my entry in @juliank’s GoldenHourPhotography contest.  


I imagine myself on the little boat, rocked by the sea, with a magnificent sunset. It would be heaven.

It is heaven. Or maybe next door to heaven.

Cheers to the Philippines. If it was not such a Catholic country, I could move there.

Three cheers! Actually, the Philippines' catholicism is very different from that of Europe or that of North America. While the official church doctrines might be similar, the general philosophy of life of the Filipinos is quite unlike any orthodox catholic or other form of christianity.

I have many Filipino and Filipina friends, and their outlook essentially amounts to the following ... "Be happy, do good, keep smiling, and the universe (aka God) will smile on you."

Sounds pretty livable to me.

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very nice

mantaps kawan

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Thank you @majes.tytyty for sharing with us such a beautiful photo of the sunset in the Philippines! I have never been there but thanks to You I want to go there and see it with my own eyes.

Beautiful. Great shot.... I miss the P.I. Hopefully one day I can go back.... Such a great place that I lived in.....

the sunset is very pretty and very cool

The clouds so beautiful with the sun reflection. Awesome shot .

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