Goldenhourphotography !! Florida Sunrise #1 AND #2 (plus a gardening tip!)steemCreated with Sketch.

in goldenhourphotography •  11 months ago

Such a gloomy today, but thankfully there is Golden Hour Photography to brighten things up!! (thanks @juliank !)

I was on vacay last week in Florida and every morning there was an amazing sunrise.

Check out this one...


And then the following day...


Ahhh, so relaxing...

IN the meantime on this rainy day, I'm looking at my latest issue of GardenDesign magazine- oooh, so delightful, and dreaming of all the possibliites. Check out their website:

This magazine is so fantastic- 4 issues per year and NO ads!

In the meantime, I'll just dream about gardening...


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so cute, cool and relaxing pics...

Outstanding views what a great shot it is very nice thanks for sharing it :)

Looks so magical in the view that is epic !

Gloririous and wonderful at the same time looks an epic view great shots :D


thanks blazing :-)

thank you for sharing, I think I might move to florida hehe

Golden hour like this is so peaceful to watch and enjoy the time :)
Thanks for sharing it dear

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Incredible Photos! 😊 Wonderfull Florida Sunrise 😍


wow just wow can't explain my feeling after watching this you are really Awesome

fostingan very good, bless you who always enjoy the beauty of nature, please my follback ,.

That is amazing!!............

Nice post