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Average household debt

As a follow up on my previous post on Housing prices in terms of gold this post uses statistics on average household debt. Unfortunatley I could only find statistics on household debt from 2010.

The Swedish housing market have been really hot for many years and have not crashed or not even been weak since the early 90s. You can see the housing prices in Sweden in the follow graph

As can be seen the rate of price increase is also increasing. The very low interest rate in Sweden in the recent years may be blamed for that. This also means that Swedish households increase their debt at a high rate. Sweden have among the largest private debt per capita in the world.

Average debt of Swedish households in Swedish Krona (kSEK)

Household debt in terms of gold

Expressing the average household debt in kilograms of gold gives the following graph.

So 2014 household debt peaked at 4.3 kilograms of gold and have since then declined to 3.9 kilograms in 2016.


Household dept - Sveriges Riksbank (Central bank of Sweden)
Gold price and currency

This is a translation of a post in Swedish I made on my site here.

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