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Since gold is real money, unlike our usual fiat currencies, it can be interesting to measure other assets in terms of gold.

I've been looking at housing prices in terms of gold for the swedish hosing market. The reason I use Sweden is because I live there and I can easily find the housing price statistics.

Gold price

First a graph for the gold price in Swedish Kronor (SEK)

You can see the big rise between 2005 - 2012.

Housing prices

The housing prices in kSEK. In Sweden and in Stockholm.

Housing prices in terms of gold

When expressing housing prices in amount of gold needed to buy a house you get the following graph

So, in 2016 the average house in Sweden would have cost you around 8 kilograms of gold. That is down from the top in 2004 when you needed 13.8 kilograms of gold, and up from the bottom in 2012 at 5.8 kg.

The big drop is of course due to the big rise in the gold price.

This is a translation of a post in Swedish I made on my site here.

Do you know the price in gold for a house in your country?

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Mycket intressant. Eye opening.

You forgot to mention your sources for the graph data in your Steemit post, which you mentioned in your original post on your website. I'll include them here below:

Source for Swedish Detached House prices: SCB (Statistics Sweden)
Source for the XAU/SEK (Gold / Swedish krona): Bank of England

For future posts, I recommend including sources within or nearby the graph as is usual.

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That's a very interesting comparison.
Thanks for sharing!
Tack så mycket.

GOLD BARS I have gold because it is valuable at certain times. Like when there is FEAR in the market people turn to gold. So since I already have gold-it puts me in a perfect position during an unstable market. Also I have seen first hand people buy an entire home with gold.

Im continuing to upvote and follow your cool content :)