My journey through the Matrix and how I found the red pill (gold, crypto, politics, economics, & geo politics)

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How did you awaken from the Matrix and come to find the red pill? If you have no clue what I'm talking about, you're probably still stuck in the Matrix and what I say here and will seem crazy, right leaning, and short sighted. But if you just open your mind a little, maybe some things will make sense.

My entire life I've been a skeptic and I questioned everything. I believed no one in life had good intentions (maybe neutral) and people were always out for their own personal gain. Every action someone committed they always expected a reaction to be in their favor and that is why they pursued the initial action. Needless to say I didn't make very many friends but the friends I did make, understood me.

Being skeptical of life, I easily caught on to advertising and the biased media. After watching enough commercials as a kid, instead of being swayed by the commercials, I felt like they were trying to brainwash me. My thoughts were they were showing me these commercials because they (companies and people in power) want me to buy their product and they believe if they show it to me enough, they can change my thinking and thought process. Because of this, I was not a fan of commercials. The funny thing occupation is advertising sales. Needless to say, the news to me was what I felt the government wanted me to hear to pacify the masses. There were grains of truth to it but you really had to disseminate that from the rubbish and honestly, I didn't want to spend my time doing that so I stopped watching TV outside of my cartoons.

I had the same thought process for conspiracies and authority. I rebelled against authority and believed they were only out to enhance their life and propel their careers for their own personal gains. There were few people who held teacher positions that I respected that tried to help troubled kids like myself, but not many people are actually out to help you. You can tell who is genuine and who is not most of the time but for the most part, people just work to make money. I had a vice principal call me trash and and piece of sh1t to my face (granted I got into alot of fights and talked back to teachers) but how a person of that caliber got to be the vice principal and eventually after I left, the principal, just made me realize how corrupt the system is. Let alone having seen bribes paid off to city councilman and mayors from my family. The good do not prosper, it is the wicked and cunning from my experience. Money talks. Along with the media and authority telling you to not believe certain things, all just really didn't sit well.

We're encouraged to think freely but when you think about something that is taboo and come to your own conclusion, you're told that is a conspiracy and not to read or look into it, otherwise your crazy. There are smart people in the world and I knew for a fact that I wasn't anywhere close to being the smartest. Even as a kid I acknowledged this. If there's something I spotted that was fishy, there has to have been others that have figured this out as well. We should be aloud to come to our own conclusion, and when you tell me I can't, that makes me even more suspicious. So when I started learning about conspiracies and researching them, there was just something off about an alternative story from the mainstream that has lived many years and has thousands of people believing it but everyone would tell me I was crazy if I looked into it. People are not stupid and if a story has lived this long without being completely proven false....I would assume it has some legs.

Fast forward to working in New York City and my co worker introduces me to gold miners (NUGT). I put in $1k and make $3k. Being young and ambitious, I want to make money and be rich. We're all after to better ourselves, right? I spend the next 2 years trying to learn about gold to no avail. Tried to see if following technicals would help but I was never really a numbers guy so that did not make sense either. I tried learning the stock market as a whole to see if the market movements would affect gold and that also did not make sense. If you don't have a solid foundation when trying to learn advanced topics, generally the educating process does not go well until the foundation is developed. On top of that when you try to learn about gold, which is an asset class that is affected by economics, politics, and geopolitics all while every one of those topics is manipulated, you'll never get anywhere. I accepted the fact that I did not understand gold or any of the other topics because I lacked a foundation and set off to develop this foundation over a period of time. 4 years roughly.

Through my crappy research and pounding my head against a wall until something made sense, I found someone doing general summaries of the state of the US economy and other important topics/parts of the world. This person also happened to be an advocate of gold and silver. He was a journalist and interviewed many industry experts which was great learning for me. Getting the points of view of many different people helped piece together my blank canvas. I took everything with a grain of salt and for the things that didn't make sense, I let it sink in for a little bit until I could understand more over time. I learned a lot from this person Greg Hunter, founder of the YouTube channel - USAWatchdog.

After following Greg Hunter for a few years, I started following many of his guests. I knew by following Greg religiously I was also being sucked in to his point of view and people who thought like him. I balanced this by watching more MSM, and staying in touch with what was happening in our pop culture as well. Over time you will learn to see how stories get swept aside and shoved under the rug and how the MSM tries to brainwash you. Greg Hunter also introduced me indirectly to some notable guests such as Peter Schiff, Greg Mannarino, Clif High, Jim Rogers, and Marc Faber. Some of these guests have a very macro view and some have a micro or mixed view but it's good to see different views nonetheless.

Greg Mannarino

Peter Schiff

Clif High

Jim Rogers

Marc Faber

Clif High I've been following for over a year now. He seemed a little crazy but hey, i'm crazy too so will never write a brother off without giving him a chance. He talks about all this stuff I found weird at first like aliens, crop dusting, chemtrails, etc. He started making calls in gold and crypto. The crypto calls seemed to nail but gold was way off. He made another call for gold and crypto and missed the gold and nailed the crypto again. The next time he came out to talk about gold and crypto he acknowledged he didn't get the gold calls correct but would still report on them because he wanted to get the information out that he believed was still relevant and that manipulation (precious metals manipulation by banks) was skewing his data. I started learning more about market manipulation then. I watched Clif's 3rd call for crypto more closely and decided I would get into crypto if he got the 3rd call correct, and he nailed it again. I got into bitcoin around the $1,000 mark and started to dive into the unmanipulated markets since January 2017.

From Greg Hunter, to Greg Mannarino, Bix Weir, Clif High and a few others such as @Bamabr0ker on twitter, I learned about market rigging. I knew the general markets were manipualted with interest rates but I didn't know individual asset classes were manipulated to change market sentiment and the overall direction of the market. Makes alot of sense that large changes come from many small changes that push the overall direction of the market to where you need it. This is when geopolitics started to come together for me as well. Money, power and war are all closely intertwined.

I'm a history buff, like many men. Being a history buff, I love reading about wars. Wars also happen to tie into precious metals. With this new found knowledge of precious metals, economics, politics, I started to piece together geo political tensions rising and why. Everyone talks about world war 3, but how realistic is it? I do understand that our population is growing at rates that are unsustainable. We need a rebalancing and many Asian countries are bursting at the seems. Japan has been in a 20 year recession and has no where to grow. You see alliances rise around the world while the strength of the US alliances are quickly decreasing. China, Russia, Syria, Iran and a few others have banded together out of necessity to fight western nations and their Asian allies (Japan & South Korea). Japan needs to expand outwards because they've run out of space and resources but they have nowhere to go. Then I see news like the below.

"Japan to allow military role overseas in historic move" September 2015

"Japan deploys combat-authorized troops overseas for first time since WW2" 2016

Things just don't add up. Japan has historically been one of the most militaristic nations in the modern world and now they are allowing their police force into foreign territories. Next they're deploying combat ready troops overseas in high conflict zones? All for what? Sounds to me like they're gearing up for war and prepping their "police force" for combat readiness. You also see China who hasn't last a ground invasion since the Mongols, heavily fortifying it's positions in the South China Sea. It's building up many islands (literally creating them out of thin air) that it's arming as military facilities. China has a reputation for getting pummeled by sea and being extremely difficult to invade on land due to population size. That is all just Asia that no one really follows outside of North Korea.

Then you have Europe which is a mess. Negative interest rates, influx of refugees that are not vetted and also not educated on assimilating into their new environment. While refugees from other war torn nations in Africa are not being let in by the thousands. Sound a bit skewed? Probably, but most people don't care anyway. Most won't even question why are we letting in thousands of refugees and giving them free money when we can't even take care of the people in our/their own country. To make it worse, it's kind of common sense if you let a group of men that haven't gazed at female flesh in their life that being exposed to western women who walk around in form fitting clothes, if not almost naked during some seasons, that something bad is bound to happen if you aren't educating on this new culture and how to fit in. Add a cherry to it all, you think the solution is to let more of these same refugees and again, not educate them on assimilating into the culture or vett them to weed out extreme terrorists?

If we as humans are always out to help ourselves or push our own interests, how does causing chaos, increasing our debt to levels that are unpayable, and angering the populace of our nations move forward our interests? This is where more conspiracies come in. Mainly the Rothschild conspiracy. Things just aren't adding up. Why are we purposely destroying our own society. Many people can see that the global economic situations are not improving and are only getting worse. The longer our interest rates are this low or negative, the worse off our older population who need to live off the interest from their savings will be. The longer our interest rates are this low, the more people will have to find other means of earning off their savings (stock market or real estate). If interest rates are too low for too long, every will be forced to find yield in the same places for too long therefore causing a bubble. Imagine what happens if these bubbles pop (and these are just a few of the bubbles). This time, these bubbles are not just in the United States, they are in every major developed nation in the world. The global economy will collapse all at the same time.

Imagine what happens when the global economy collapses....People will riot. People will die from riots. Now you have the riots in Europe already happening. These will get worse. Even more people will likely die. Will the politicians accept blame? Probably not. They never do. They will place blame. The most logical group seems to be the people that are causing trouble, eating up the countries wealth, and causing it to spiral into debt and economic collapse. The refugees. The refugees have been setup as a scapegoat. War will ensue as the refugees are all across Europe and also in the surrounding nations. With Chaos and war a plenty other countries who were too worried about angering the United Nations with their ambitions may take a step forward toward war as well to deal with any grudges they have pending. Anyone of these nations could be it (Saudi Arabia, China, Russia, Japan, North Korea, Iran, and Israel).

The aftermath. Many people will die. The world re-balances it's population. War will then again become distasteful. We will try the league of nations, the united nations, or whatever it will be this time around. Another new global currency and financial system. And just like the Rothschild's planned, the phoenix rises from the ashes under one new banner. From chaos comes order.

This is just me putting together the pieces of the puzzle and obviously since I'm looking at the puzzle from a 3rd person perspective, I could be interpreting things incorrectly.

How did you get unplugged from the Matrix. Am I crazy? What did I miss. What did I point out that you did not notice? Would love to hear your thoughts.

TL;DR - Friend got me into gold miners (nugt) and also explained bitcoin to me in 2011. Scoured the web for a couple of years to learn about gold and stumbled upon Youtubers Greg Hunter, Peter Schiff, Greg Mannarino, JSnip4, Clif High, Bix Weir, Ameer Rosaic, and also learned more about global conspiracies.


Someone once explained this to me about the price of gold. It's the oldest, most widely accepted form of currency. So whenever wars break out and nations collapse, along with their currency, the safest fall-back for the average person is gold. Even after a global apocalypse, people will probably still accept gold as a medium of exchange. When wars break out, rich people in the area will likely try to move their money into gold. So whenever you hear another major war is about to happen, that's when the price of gold is about to jump.

Yes. War is usually a result of bad economic conditions that lead to strife and turmoil. Bad economies are usually the result of corrupt politicians mis-managing for their own personal gain at the expense of the people. So really, in order to understand golds price movement, you need to understand politics, economics, and war. Crypto currencies are also becoming a new type of currency. As I've learned that the markets are all one big scam or global manipulation, crypto currencies are a great way to get into an unregulated freely traded market. There is obviously alot of risk, but given the landscape and environment that we're in, I see it far safer than being in the stock market and holding currencies that can be printed to oblivion (and currently are being printed to oblivion).

Reading your comment made me put two ideas together in my head that have been there for a while but never clicked into one. The reason gold is so valuable is because it's so widely accepted. There's really no reason should take gold as payment, but they do, because they know everybody else will.

Ultimately, that's the main factor that will separate the fleeting crypto currencies from the long term stable ones. And this is exactly why Bitcoin is reigning in the crypto world: more people will accept it as payment than any other crypto currency. Every crypto currency has its little gimmick for why it should be valued, but regardless of the quality of the gimmick, the ultimate factor in determining its growth potential is, how many people accept it as payment?

This is one of my main concerns with STEEM. Steemit tries to keep as much STEEM locked up in Steem power as it can to stabilize its value. There can be no major sell-off/crash if everyone has to wait months to get their cash out of the "bank." This makes STEEM look good on paper, but if everyone's STEEM is locked away, then less people try to buy things with it. The fewer people who spend STEEM, the fewer people who will accept it as payment, because they'll have nowhere to spend it, because nobody uses it. When investors realize they can't use STEEM for hardly anything except selling it to other speculator/investors, they'll probably stop buying it, which will make its price go down until it dies.

Steemit needs to make improvements to its site before mainstream society embraces it, but I believe the value of STEEM would go up faster if the Steemit execs focused more on getting businesses to accept STEEM as payment than improving the site. A shitty site is a bad thing, but people will hardly care if they know it pays a usable currency. Having a great site is important, but nobody will care if it pays in Monopoly money.

I can definitely see that happening in the long long term but for the short term, I have a positive outlook for Steem. I think we're a long way from that because steem is still in it's infantile stages (less than 100k users). Also, most people do not buy Steem, they earn it (IMO but could be wrong). The people who do buy it are speculators or those who want to get Steem power quickly, which are mostly the newer members. As there is a significant amount of room for growth in the user category, I expect in the future that there be large influx of users here and there and during those large influxes there will also be large purchases of Steem. That will happen until the Steem community becomes saturated and the Steem currency potentially crashed or collapses and finds a solid base. People that get in now and early and build a strong reputation will make a killing in the next few years as the influx of users grow.

WWII from the perspective of the vanquished was my red pill moment. History is always written by the victors. Be forewarned, this is a crazy rabbit hole.

Understood. I don't plan on being a loser in this war either. At worst, hopefully a survivor. I'm fairly young, but 98% of the people I know won't believe the stuff I tell them or don't care. They've even stated clearly, they are happy being a part of the matrix if that is the case, because my scenario is horrible. I'd rather live a horrible truth than to live a false and happy lie.

It's the "I don't care" part that drives me crazy.