No EasyFix for my situation at hand! Where are the morals in this world????

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I will try to not make this into a rant. I would rather hope I can give hope to those enduring the same situation and advice to those who put us into these situations.

First let me explain the situation at hand.
We are basically getting kicked out of the house we have been renting for the past 5 years. We live on a paycheck to paycheck basis so money is extremely tight.
Our landlord knows this, but still thought it was a great idea to kick us out in the coldest month of the year (Feb.)
Now I don't celebrate xmas, but they do and they decided to let us know about their plans on the 18th of December! Was that a xmas gift for us?
Were are people morals these days?
I have 3 kids and a wife and they know we don't have 2 nickels to rub together.
Landlords let me give you some advice, Don't do this to anyone, it is immorally wrong and the negative feedback I have to give out is killing me. All I get is people shaking their heads and asking me if I am serious.
So now for the hope for all of you who have endured this before or are going thru this now.
Do whatever you can, don't give up. Ask God for guidance and let him do his work, but at the same time don't be lazy.
I have also made a gofundme page, so that is something you can do too. I don't know if it will even bring one buck in, but hey I am doing everything I can think of to do.
Also consider downsizing.
We have decided that we are going to get a travel camper and get out of this rat race. we are tired of dealing with people who just care about the almighty dollar and don't care who they step on in the process, even if it means putting a family of 5 out in the cold during the coldest time of the year!
Perhaps you can do what we are doing. also we will have to go to a warmer climate for now as we will not be able to afford the heating costs.
Maybe this might be good for you.
We have also looked into renting land on camp grounds and private lots too. Did you know you can rent out places like this for 2 to 5 grand for an entire year???
Some places like state parks are free.
There are some who offer water and electric for 10 to 20 bucks a day, that is less than 100 bucks a month.
Just note that there are usually limits of how long you can stay (usually about 30 days), but you can always just move to a different site every month and explore the land.
And if your tired of that place then all you have to do is pack up your house and move!
So my point is there are other options.

Well whatever happens will happen, wish us luck and for everyone going thru this keep your chin up.
Thanks for reading this everyone.


My heart goes out to you.. we experienced this before... a single parent w/ 3 girls. I know how it feels like but God is good he made a way for us to get out of the situation.

There's a saying there are two types of people in the world either a protector or a predator.. sadly, your landlords don't seem to be the prior. They could have at least considered your situation & worked out on something or probably give something to get you all to start off with.

Anyway, I will be praying for you & pls do the same lay all your worries, struggles.. everything at God's feet the sustainer & giver of all things & trust that He will take you through from this.

Btw, for someone who says this post of his may turn into a "rant".
I see you managed to give more advice & hope to someone who may be going through the same thing... your heart is awesome!

Much love & prayers all the way from the Philippines!

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Absolutely, God is always steering the boat, just have to make sure I don't lose my focus of where he is going, lol.
The funny thing is I knew he was going to do this. I knew months ago i was supposed to get out of here and because of people around me I didn't do it, now he is giving me and the other people no choice, lol.
Can you hear the drum beat getting louder? (something drawing closer) I don't know how else to explain it.
I just know it's getting louder.
Over the past year and a half he has flipped my entire world on top of it's head. Not to get to deep, but it all started with the truth of what christmas really was. what an eye opener! If your not there yet, just know that christmas (dec.25) is not Yeshua's (Jesus) birthday. that is where it all started for me. and if you care to know more feel free to ask :)
Or look up Holy Impact Ministries on the web and youtube. The truth will set you free.

Wow.... I love a good christian, thank God you prevailed over the predator

One thing i know and i am sure is that God doesn't fail, he may delay but he never denies,

Thanks you @reign for sharing your experience here, its not just for @mr-easyfix,

But also to numerous people believing in God for one thing or another, i believe your post will send a powerful message to people in distress not to give up

Much love to you

Thanks @charles92 !

My motivation in life that I hold onto is we were created to glorify & please God..there isn't any other way to do that but to follow all he commanded & one of the greatest of those commands is to love our neighbors as watching out for each other is so essential! ❤

Wow.. I just love you 😍😍

you're welcome.. what's the Steemit Community for if not for helping each other out. God bless!

Well, here's my tiny contribution to your situation, I gave you an upvote for what it's worth.

thank you very much. My ultimate goal is to hopefully get people to think about what they are doing to other people. maybe restore some morals.

I wasn't going to put this, but I guess I will add it down here. If anyone would like to help us out here is my gofundme link. thanks in advance.

Shared your GoFundMe on my Facebook page.

doing the same! 😊

thank you Cathy, I need all the help i can get.

we thank you very much Jeffrey, maybe somebody will buy my pencil drawing
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That is harsh @mr-easyfix! I think it's good that you post about your situation and what you are doing about it because other people ARE in similar straights and the whole crowd-sourcing solutions sometimes gives someone the slight edge he/she needs to make it through. I hope the GoFundMe helps... when I was in better shape financially (than I am now), I used to occasionally donate to some GoFundMe's. Stay positive, keep an "abundance" mind-set and miracles will happen, opportunities will come.

Thanks, sometimes I just want to give up on people in this world. People really disappoint me, it's a shame.

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Me too...

So sorry @mr-easyfix, some people are not worthy of being called humans, my heart really goes out to you, and your family

God will definitely see you through

my upvote should add something significant for you

thanks, every little bit helps at this point. God bless

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