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Various innovations are changing the way humanity lives and interacts with everything on this planet, promoting efficiency and simplifying the way things are done. As you are aware, we are living in a 3D World, yet most of the apps we are using are in 2D. The good news is that through GofindXR, applications can now be built with immersive AR, VR technologies and connected to geolocation co-ordinates around us.

GofindXR team is building a new version of the internet that is branded as “Extended Reality Web” on the Blockchain.

What is the Extended Reality Web?

This is the earth’s Digital Estate connected to geo-coordinates on a Blockchain.

This new platform is termed as the Extended Reality Web or the XR Web in a short form. This is indeed a new paradigm and a game changer. Can you imagine? The real owners of this new Extended Reality Web are the holders of the XR tokens. With the usage of the XR tokens, anyone can lease parts of the XR Web connected to geolocations.

The XR token holders also benefit from this new version of the internet from the ads or other transactions that happen on the XR Web whereby some fraction of the revenue generated goes to the XR token holders who are the new Digital Landlords of the XR Web.

To best understand this, simply equate it to the board-game monopoly where you are leasing Digital Real Estate and earning Rent or Tax from it. Every transaction recorded on the XR Web is securely stored on the Blockchain to enable full transparency and security. On top of that, the XR Web employs Artificial Intelligence, AI, VR and MR technologies.

To have all this executed seamlessly, GofindXR team is headed for a launch of its own extended Reality Browser on iOS and Android smartphones. The application is a portal, enabling easy access to the XR Web and all the applications built on it.

As a starter, the XR Web shall be functional on the current iOS and Android mobile devices. There will be a new innovation of smart glasses in the next 1-2 years and these will look just like normal sunglasses and shall become the project’s next computing platform. The Extended Reality Web is best defined for that future and can very well evolve into the unique operating system of Smart glasses. The XR token holders are the real winners of this evolution in technology due to the fact that they have an ownership and a stake in this new internet of value and information, branded as the “Extended Reality Web (XR Web)”

Key Components of the XR Ecosystem

that Gofind is building

XR Browser

The XR Browser is a camera-based mobile spatial browser that enables users to view the XR web directly. This component allows users to experience internet surfing in XR mode the go that is on iOS and Android phones. You can check out the Demo versions for this browser which are already available. The Browser ultimately transitions for smart glasses as they become a common-place.

XR Web

The XR Web combines the geolocations, associated assets, and applications. Fractions of the XR Land can be leased by users through staking XR tokens, and every key transaction in the XR Land such as Land ownership is recorded on the Blockchain.

XR Token

The XR Token refers to the cryptographic currency that is used in Gofind’s XR Land for leasing XR Land and various other transactions.


This is described as a standardized system of URLs pointing to exact locations in the XR Web from a remote location than the location in reference. The XR DNS can be Accessed by compatible XR browsers through using the prefix ‘xtpps://’

XR Lens Store & SDK

The XR lens is like the web apps in 2D internet. These Lens are established using the free SDKs in Unity and Javascript.

XR Ads engine

XR ads engine functions as a self-serve platform for marketers to place ads on XR world. It’s also used for developers and builders to get their share of revenue.
It allows users to view ads in virtual reality as well as XR Web. This ad engine shall be open to serve ads in XR Land as well as in other AR applications outside the XR Land. With this component, advertisers will be able to bid on ads based on location, demographics, dates, and budget.

For more details:

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