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The XR or Extended Reality Web is a flexible digital layer that is interlinked with geo-coordinates on the blockchain system.

In this world where the internet has become a major part of human society, it is necessary that there is an improvement in the system. Which is why we are slowly moving into the 3D dimension of the internet world, although most of our apps today are still operating under the 2D space. But things will never remain the same with Gofind XR, individuals have been given the resources to create applications that are built with VR technologies, immersive AR and integrate them to the geolocation around us through the Gofind XR.

The partnership between Gofind XR and Oracle-d is one that most persons within the blockchain system are looking forward to, as the collaboration that has created the world's first Decentralized Extended Reality (XR) based social media platform that is prestigiously built on the Steem & Gofind XR blockchain.

The users of the Gofind XR platform can easily access various videos, posts, view pictures and VR/AR content. All Steem functions are supported which includes upvotes.


The first characteristic of Gofind XR is the fact that:


The GOFIND XR platform is totally decentralized (100%). All its intramural elements are leveraging on the distributed ledger. Which consist of:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) models
  • It is codebase
  • Computing Power
  • Marketplace

The process of decentralizing these internal elements makes sure that the benefits of the GOFIND 3D or Spatial World can be distributed to different communities around the world. This ensures that a world that is fairer and equal in nature is created.


The platform is 100% decentralized down to its economy, these features below show its level of decentralization:

The XR WebEarth's Digital Estate is known as a decentralised layer of data, applications and value that act as a Community decentralised digital world that is Controlled, owned and monetised by the holders of XR Token, this is why it is community-oriented.

The XR Apps Store with the Largest Aggregator of XR games and apps is situated in a place on mobile and smart glasses.

Lastly, the decentralized nature of the blockchain technology for a legit distributed ownership and monetization.


The GoFind platform is managed by its CEO, in the person of Manindra Majumdar. With the endless support and assistance by advisors and a technical team who are experts in their various fields. You know what they say; great things in business is not done by one person but by a team of intellectuals. This team is the backbone of the innovation the platform feeds on, as they come together to create capabilities and innovative solutions within the GOFIND XR ecosystem.


Like I mentioned in my previous post, the Internet is 2-dimensional in nature; that means that the internet is dual Dimensional (2D). The 2D dimension is not sufficient to fully satisfy the requirements of the digital 3D of today. GOFIND XR has included a layer of Augmented Reality (AR) to the mainstream menu. I also mentioned previously that this layer is easily accessible via a resource known as Gofind.World. This framework creates a digital, 3D dimension World that allows users to interact, utilizing a special browser and rare search engine.


Gofind XR is a Blockchain technology-oriented platform which is a major part. The power of blockchain technology is ideal to assist in the distribution of wide range of value at scale. The Gofind XR Spatial World or 3D dimensions is powered by a distributed ledger model for maximum accessibility. With help from the community, we now have access to a ground-breaking Digital World!


The first step to being a part of this improved internet that rewards you for utilizing the platform, is to acquire the XR TokenCryptographic currency. This token powers the XR web and enables the holder to do the following:

To use and play with applications in the XR Apps Store. Amazing for those that like exploring, like me!

To acquire the XR Land - the digital layer of mainstream locations that allows users to earn a ratio of revenue from acitivities in those areas.

To Bid and Trade XR digital assets and digital land on the XR Web which are on top Crypto Exchange platforms. So get your's now!

ICO Price - 0.1500 USD.

Date February 20, 2019.

End Date March 19, 2019

Invest and be rewarded with returns by buying the GFD tokens through the ICO today!

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