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Hello to you, having a good day I presume. It has been a long day for me. I spent most of it at home and developed a little bit of a headache due to the number of aircrafts flying over my head. I can't complain though, I should have expected this from the moment I decided to live close to an airforce base but that's just how life is. Perhaps with a bit more clout and paper pushing, I could own the airspace above and get super lawyers to make sure the Govenment pay me for disturbance. I'll keep that in mind anyways.

Here's something else, the internet. I mean, yeah, we have space there in terms of websites and blogs but it's really not your special space you know? that place you can point out pyshically and say, "hey look, this is my phone and this is how much it's worth". It sounds amazing right? Today's your lucky day, let me take you on this brief tour of what GO FIND XR have to offer and why you should get on board as soon as possible

Go Find XR is a decentralised extended reality platform on the blockchain connected to the Earth's geolocation. With the use of augmented reality, the platform has been able to bring the internet to life. You can now own propety/assets and landed property(virtually) on the blockchain.

A Few Points

XR Token holders will control digital positions. This means you become a virtual landlord and can decide to sell, lease or rent out your virtual space purchased with XR token

The platform is decentralised, giving users the autonomy that comes with such platforms.

What is the XR Token?

The XR token will be the curency of exchange in the AR(augmented reality) world on the platform.

What Can I do With It?

  • BUY XR Land: You can purchase and own digital space that are geolocated on earth and earn revenue from activity in those locations. Yup, you won't need super lawyers like me and nobody's going to fly any virtual aircraft over your virtual property without paying up.
  • Trade And Bid For Land Assets: The token, being the curency used will also be the basis for other forms of trade within the platform and any of it's affiliates.

The Potential

It is widely expected that there will be major rise in the use of Augmented reality and the numbers show that from 2017 up until 2022, there will be a market potential of over $200 billion. I think it is a great idea to be part of this project

Transparency and Reliability

Through the use of smart contracts, ownership of land and assets on the XR network are allocated transparently with an underlying democratic principle.


The tokens will be tradable in market places/exchanges that operate by simply matching sellers to buyers and vice versa. Being an early investor/adopter puts you in a position where you hold a potentially valuable token


The platform will combine a patent AI technology that enables XR tokens build for future personal computing

To purchase XR tokens go to the [main website](, sign up for free and join the ongoing [ICO](

GO Find XR and Steemit

Steemit has been at the forefront of tokenized social media for a while now. It therefore seemed like a match made in heaven when @oracle-d and the Augmented reality platform decided to partner in bringing the opportunity to the steem blockchain and give steemians another fun way to earn and have fun at the same time

Steemit Perks

Here are some of the benefits users of steemit stand to gain

  • You can purchase 10XR tokens at I steem(about $0.4) against $1.5 expected to be the ICO price for a limited time
  • You get to test the beta version and give feedback that could help the development.
  • Users will post and view media (can be 2D / AR / VR)
  • Advertisers will bid on ads by locations and demographics
  • When users view the AR Ads, that will count an impression and bill the advertise
  • Steem rewards that will be shared between the stakeholders (as per Steem rules)
  • XR tokens will also be shared with all users (who stake minimum 500 XR)

To get the limited discount as a steemit user, here's what you have to do

  • transfer the amount of steem to @gofindxr
  • Fill this form
  • The tokens will be deposited in your ERC-20 wallet. if you don't have a wallet, you can create one for free here

You can get the 60% discount using this link. Register for free and be a part of this opportunity


Home Page

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Steemit article

Disclaimer: Please make personal research before making any investment. The information portrayed here are my opinion and should not be misconstrued for financial advice.

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