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The world is gradually changing with vivid examples right before our naked eyes. The beauty of technology can only be truly measured in terms of how comfortable it makes life for those who don’t have to understand the technicalities behind the innovations that are gradually shaping the course of how we live on a daily basis.

Innovation in my own opinion, is any new idea that makes life and existence easier and bring about a solution through the solving of complex world problems and yet the end users don’t see the complexities, only the comfort that the innovation brings to them.

The true power and breakthrough that technology is capable of bringing has been clearly shown with the emergence of blockchain technology and ever since then, a lot of past innovations, institutions and ideologies in our societies have been disrupted.

Blockchain technology keeps spreading its disruptive wings over all existing structures and superstructures of our offline and online societies; that even governments are now entrusting their electoral processes and other core functionalities of their cabinet to this technology that can never be maneuvered.

Economies have been created; institutions have been set up and many other things to come all in the digital space and because of this technology. One of the best applications that I have found to be really interesting is the application of this disruptive blockchain technology on conventional internet tradition.

How it is reshaping what we used to settle for as mainstream internet narrative; highly characterized by low transparency, exploitation and malicious collection of personal data entrusted to centralized servers. This is common with social media platforms.

However, with blockchain technology, tides have been turning around and people are now beginning to enjoy true freedom online, and net neutrality that can’t be hampered by any third-party.

Gofind XR

To spice this up, Gofind XR (a mobile application and browsing interface) has taken the breakthrough in setting up decentralized social system (with the use of blockchain technology) a step further by creating the world’s very first Decentralized Social Media Platform on Extended Reality Powered by XR tokens and Steem. What do I mean by that? It means you can create posts by using the app’s camera to look around you in any environment and then be able to post those cool clips or pictures in 2D/XR (extended reality). In other words, you can take pictures and video clips capturing up to 360 degrees around you. I am about to say a very big Wow to that.

The most interesting part is that the contents are monetized through the STEEM blockchain. The benefit is that you can get more creative and your creativity is incentivized with the XR tokens and the STEEM blockchain. This is because Gofind XR mobile application supports all STEEM features including upvotes.

The model is also very sustainable as the project has other ways of incentivizing content creation and the holding of their tokens (XR tokens). The model will be sustained through earnings from advertisements that have the potential to scale as the Gofind XR community grows bigger. The earning from advertisements will be shared among all members of the community holding at least 500 XR tokens in their account.


The project is currently at the stage of building the mobile app that is compatible with the core functionalities of the STEEM blockchain. What is currently obtainable in the app is the showing of Twitter public feeds which are recommended based on the demography of the user.

However, the team is currently working on a new backend service that will create these same functionalities to show feeds based on users’ demographic details on the STEEM blockchain. In other words, the creation of location-based STEEM API queries. Currently, they are on the stage where the project can be fully integrated into the STEEM blockchain.

That will be all for now on Gofind XR, but before signing out for today, I would like to let you know that their ICO is open just in case you would like to participate. One of the easiest ways in is via STEEM tokens (1 STEEM will buy you about 10 XR).

Thanks for reading friends and stay tuned for more news from my handle. Have a great day ahead!

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For any questions on the ICO, please visit https://www.gofindxr.com and feel free to email to ico@gofindxr.com

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