Gods Unchained Weekly Recap (Feb 14th - Feb 20th)

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Welcome to the the twenty-fourth edition of the Gods Unchained Weekly Recap! And this week was big! The Flux and Fusing system has been released, and the Core card markets opened!

Flux and Fusing

On Tuesday, Derek and Chris Clay revealed the Flux and Fusing system during their live stream. And even better, only a few hours afterwards, the system went live! The rush has begun for fusing and selling Core cards. The system is pretty simple. You receive Flux for winning matches in Ranked Constructed mode, up to three times, per day, per God (max of 1310 Flux for winning 18 matches (3 with each God) at Mythic level). Use your Flux to fuse two Core plain Core cards into one Meteorite quality Core card which can then be listed on the in-game market or any 3rd party market. Flux cost is based on the rarity of the card, from 20 for a Common to 200 for a Legendary.

Here is the official blog post explaining the new systems - https://blog.godsunchained.com/2020/02/20/flux-fusing-play-to-earn-returns/

Play anytime to start collecting your Flux!

Official Stream and Videos

The official Twitch stream this week was pretty much entirely focused on Flux and Fusing. It was a nice introduction to the system, but the blog post linked above is really more informative and valuable. They did also mention that there would be no new Champion reveal this week.

You can read a summary of the stream at the link below.

Or you can watch it at


Immutable, has continued to pump out their Essential Skills videos, with two new ones this week, Tempo and Time Management.

Balance Changes

No balance changes this week.


The Marketplace livened up a bit with the addition of Core cards. Many are still going for premium prices, especially the Legendaries. I expect the prices will drop over time as more and more cards are Forged, however, any influx of new players could cause price spikes as well. The available inventory for many cards is still very small, so there is definitely a lot of volatility as players try to find the right price points.

Additionally, we have a couple of new features available for buyers and sellers. First off, Token Trove now supports buy orders. Secondly, the Official marketplace now has a Market Watch graph for all cards - https://blog.godsunchained.com/2020/02/21/marketplace-feature-market-watch/

The GU team posted a pie chart showing a breakdown of Core cards sold (by ETH value) in the first day. You can see that below. I hope that they put up a similar chart again after a week or so of the Core market being open.


Dev Update

Lots of great info in this week's Dev Update. Version 0.21 sounds like it is getting close to a release and this will be the update that introduces the Sanctum and Favor systems! Word on the street is that this version will also have numerous bug fixes. Hopefully that will include fixing issues with disconnects (I always seem to be the one given a 'Defeat' whenever it happens).

Good stuff as usual! Read the full details on Reddit - https://www.reddit.com/r/GodsUnchained/comments/f757ne/weekly_dev_update_7/


With the Core market opening up, it will be VERY interesting to see how the Meta develops. On top of giving players the ability to acquire Core cards that they didn't already own, the Fusing system also encourages players to switch Gods frequently in order to acquire as much Flux as possible! So all of those players who tend to focus one only one or two Gods will be forced to diversify a bit, which will lead to more deck variations and a better overall playing experience.

Bittrio's latest Meta report - https://steemit.com/godsunchained/@bittrio/gods-unchained-meta-report-feb-17-ranked-constructed

Gods Unchained is an online, collectible card game with true ownership of your cards. The card information is stored on the Ethereum blockchain, so the cards can be traded, bought and sold in any NFT market, while the game itself runs off-chain, so there are no transaction fees involved when playing. The game is free to play, and you can get started now.

Article written by CryptozNewb.


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