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Flux and Fusing has finally arrived in Gods Unchained!!

Earlier today, Chris Clay and Derek came onto the official Twitch stream today to preview and discuss the new Flux system in Gods Unchained (which was released a couple of hours after the stream).

In short, you are rewarded Flux for winning matches in the 'Gauntlet', a system which encourages you to play all the different Gods in Ranked Constructed mode. The amount of Flux awarded varies based on your current Rank (I received 40 for a win at Mythic level) and is limited to at most, 18 wins every 24 hours.


Here is the official Blog post describing the Flux and Fusing system - https://blog.godsunchained.com/2020/02/20/flux-fusing-play-to-earn-returns/

Bullet point highlights of the stream:

  • Talked about how they want to change the dynamic of computer games where the players do not acutlaly own anything they acquire in the game
  • Cards wont appear in the Forge list unless you have two or more of the card
  • Team is looking at ways to speed up the fusing process
  • At the moment they are only allowing Plain, Core cards to be fused into Meteorite. Other Fusing will come later once system is set
  • Core cards can still change even after they are Fused
  • Everyone starts with 0 Flux
  • Flux gathered only in Ranked Constructed
  • Flux system encourages playing with multiple Gods
  • More Flux based on Rank. MMR and match length do NOT affect Flux generation
  • Gauntlet resets every 24 hours. May change to a daily reset at a certain time. If you complete full Gauntlet in 24 hours you wont be able to get any more flux until it resets (18 wins)
  • Fusing costs increase based on card rarity
  • No Gas fees involved in Fusing
  • Limitations are in place to try and limit bots
  • Flux is not tradeable
  • You can only Fuse one card at a time at the moment
  • Need wallet connected in order to Fuse
  • Flux could be given out in other manners rather than just the current Gauntlet

Other Info from the Stream

  • New timer system coming
  • High priority to get all items that should be tokenized finished before Season One
  • Highly likely to have variant art cards in the future (though not for Genesis)
  • No new character reveal this week
  • working on alternate payment methods from Season One (ie, other than ETH)
  • Chris hates Captchas

You can watch the stream video here -

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