Gods Unchained - Season One Card List, Deception Champion Reveal, and new Dark Mode Board

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Petrify and Andrea from the Gods Unchained team hosted an official stream last night with lots of great info!

Trial of the Gods Card List Reveal

First off, there was an accidental release of the current Season One card stats over the official API a couple of days ago. So rather than try and hush it up and suppress the information, they decided to make the complete list available to everyone. You can read the Blog Post for more info.

You can view the spreadsheet list of cards here - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1qJBtnGvIP7pxWMP12aIe-Bs43-XRMwGaGXhz22iVvLg/edit#gid=0

It should be noted that this list is just a snapshot of where the cards were in development at the time of the leak. All cards are subject to change (and many have in fact been changed already), and the spreadsheet will not be updated to reflect any of those changes (unless there is another API leak).

Andrea and Petrify revealed over a dozen cards (with art) during the stream and discussed their reasoning behind the cards and some suggested strategies for those cards. There are a lot of powerful end game cards being added, and a number of other interesting things going on with card effects. I highly suggest watching the stream if you are interested in learning more about Season One cards!

There were too many for me to screenshot them all here, but some of the more intriguing ones included Forgotten Knowledge, a spell that starts with Soulless, and Vow of Champions, our first Neutral spell!

We also were shown a new Trial card, this one the Trial of the Hydra, which could have some crazy synergy with a number of other Nature cards!


Which leads into our next Champion reveal (you can see him facing off against the Hydra in the card art above)

Deception Champion Reveal - Orfeo

Now we are introduced to Orfeo, the Champion of Deception (his official Lore backstory should be arriving later today). Definitely an unusual Creature, but there are could be some shenanigans available with its special summoning effect.

trial of the hydra.jpg

Along with Orfeo, we were also shown Orfeo's Guile, which is a very powerful end-game card for Deception!


Favor and Sanctum Changes

Our friendly Designers also discussed the Favor system and acknowledged that the have heard our feedback and agree that some changes are needed. In fact, the first change was released just a few hours after the stream.

You now only generate Favor during combat between creatures if exactly one creature survives. The surviving creature's player generates Favor, regardless of which player's turn it is.

Basically, you only get Favor from Creature combats if your Creature survives the encounter and you can get Favor from defending (if you Creature survives AND kills the attacker). All other Favor gaining methods will remain the same for now (including no Favor for burn effects or damage done to Gods via spells).

New Game Board

They also showed us a preview of the new 'Dark Mode' option for the Game board. Note: this will not be an in-game setting. They did not reveal how these boards will be acquired.

Chris Clay said in chat, "The plan, which can changed, is for this to replace the daytime temple as the default and for the daytime temple to be available as a loadout."

He also said that the dark mode board uses less renders and should make things easier for laptops in particular. You can see a screenshot below.


Misc Other Notes

  • Season One pack prices not being revealed yet
  • Have heard feedback about weekend events encouraging Aggro play
  • Etherbots need balancing before they get locked and become tradeable
  • Evolution is coming. No date given

You can watch the complete video yourself at


Exciting ! See you on the battlefield !

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