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Hey everyone!

It's been a very interesting couple months since we started the Gods Unchained Team and curation initiative and we've seen some nice growth and activity from the userbase if you follow the tag. Now with the honeymoon period being over and the lack of interest to grow the community even though it's been incentivized we've decided to add some requirements to be curated in line with the recent #posh initiative.

Steem works through an inflation model where content creators, curators and witnesses earn newly printed Steem that are being allocated through votes. The value does not just magically appear, though, it is backed by investors and other holders buying Steem in the hopes that they can do things with it and it maybe appreciates in value over time. One way to grow the value of Steem as a content creator is to bring in more consumers to your blogs and our platform that may want to either earn Steem by contributing through comments/posts of their own, or buying Steem to power it up and support their favorite content creators with it. This is essential for Steem, even though you may think you don't want to invite more people cause that means less Steem for you - that's short term thinking and won't help you much if there aren't new users you can share your work to and grow alongside them. It is also crucial for a social media platform to grow in terms of users cause as @aantonop has put it, this kind of a platform needs a certain growth where enough people know enough others who are here and enjoy it for others to want to be part of it on their own too.

So in terms to get both our platform and community to grow and many other people out there who are yet not aware of Steem and all its advantages it offers to content creators, consumers and blockchain enthusiasts looking for something new, we're going to be requiring content creators to share their works onto other platforms for them to receive curation from our team.

Basically, as a GU content creator, share your steemit/steempeak/d.tube/3speak posts onto twitter and/or reddit, add a link to the shared post in the comment section and our curators will consider your post for curation.

For those already streaming outside of Steem on Twitch, Youtube or Mixer, we would appreciate it if you considered Steem as any other social media site and placed a link to your Steem account in your profile page there so others with a Steem account can follow you and it giving Steem some awareness/visibility.

Other than that, if you know people that want to join and grow alongside you by posting content on Steem about #godsunchained, feel free to send them to our Discord server where they can quickly get a free Steem account and ask away if there is anything on their minds, there's usually always someone around and helpful.

Let us know your thoughts on this and if you have any ideas on how to improve upon this initiative, we'll gladly consider it. Thanks for reading and Steem on!


@acidyo, First of all i have to say that, at first place GOD'S UNCHAINED Initiative already running with it's full flow and these continuous initiatives which will going to provide more Incentives to content creators, in a way it's like Cherry 🍒 On The Cake.

If we will not going to put efforts into Onboarding new users 👥 then in a way this space is not a Social Networking Space. In my opinion now we don't have lack of Rewards due to Steemengine Token Economics and all those running Interfaces and Tribes on Scotbot giving options to explore these Tribes and content creators and users 👥 can accumulate those Tokens.

In future we have Smart Media Tokens Protocol (SMT's) so, if still we will hold the lack aspect then we have to improve on our side. So it's a collective effort and no matter how much effective Marketing is there, it's not easy to bring masses very easily because of Volatility and Hype World is associated with this space.

In my opinion slowly and gradually with collective efforts we can achieve effective results and we can spread Empowerment.

Keep bringing the empowering steps and stay blessed.

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Steem monsters is a better game imo

They are pretty different, we're considering creating a team for SM in the near future as well and possibly other blockchain based games that show potential for mainstream adoption/growth. :)

I started to play yesterday

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Is it fun? Better than steem monsters?

I haven't tried STEEM MONSTER yet.

Look out for our weekend tournaments, one coming this weekend :) follow @ocd to not miss out!

I've made an NBA 2k14 gaming write up shared via twitter. Here's the twitter link :


I have two people who are willing to join us. I will definitely send them to the discord and join them too.

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I think it is good initiative for brings new peoples from other social side, i will invite more.

#posh it is! :) here's my tweet:



Happy Thanksgiving! Sorry, apparently I was logged into my reviews account.. Just leaving this comment.. :)

I seriously need a twitter account dont I?

Just do it. :D

To hopefully help boost the signal...

@tipu curate

I post my videos on Youtube, and include a link to my steem page in my video's description (I can alter it to the steem post where I've posted the Youtube link after creating the post if needed).

Is that good as well for this initiative? The majority of the people seeing the video will be directly on Youtube's platform itself anyway

Thanks for the post.

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