Life and creativity of Alexander Pushkin /last part/

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Lensky's death completely changed Onegine. He is puzzled by a guilty conscience and is forced to go. Olga soon marries again, but Tatyana still loves Eugene and seeks contact with him. This is proof of pure and sincere love, as it continues and in trials. She should hate him, but he can not. After a time when Onegin returned to Moscow, he was radically altered. He is no longer selfish and looks at the essence of people, capable of strong feelings. He sees a great change in Tatiana, which is not just about having risen in society. He understands how wrong was the act in his past. He loves her with all his heart, and after a while he's determined to share her love with a letter. Tatiana does not believe in his sincerity and does not respond to the letter. The meeting convince Tanya that he is different. Just as she imagined and loved it. But their common happiness is no longer feasible. She repels him, even though he still loves him. She became cautious and possessed her feelings.

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Alexander Sergejevic Pushkin is the most prominent Russian classical-genius poet, prose and playwright, whose work undoubtedly enriches the world literary heritage. As a typical representative of Romanticism at the beginning of the 19th century, His thinking is aimed at seeking the beautiful and the love in the surrounding reality, living in a world of dreams. The poem dedicated to Anna Petrova Kern is one of the best examples in the love poetry of Pushkin. Written in 1825, it is known various titles such as "For A. Kern" and also I remember the wonderful vision. has been translated many times by various translators. It impresses the exceptional musicality of the work. The composition is circular with a repetition of the lyrical motifs, which strengthens their impact. A fateful encounter at the beginning of the work, albeit short-lived, remains forever a bright memory in the heart of the lyrical confessor. The beauty of the wonderful vision touches the most tender strings of feelings. Therefore, the woman is called a vision of heaven / genius beauty emboldened, adoration in front of this pure and lofty image. Fully in the spirit of romanticism, the image is also a mystery. It only appears for a moment, it flashes with the divine light that illuminates the soul and becomes a lasting memory. The perfect vision of the pure scar resembles a miracle like biblical miracles in a moment of insight. Love itself is a miracle, a mystery, a mystery that happens instantly, but it illuminates the soul deeply and overturns the inner world of man. There forever is preserved this inner moment of experience and transported into sleep as a romantic wealth from the world in which harmony is disturbed by the noisy vanity and emptiness of ideals.

The fatigue of the monotonous, boring life imperceptibly pushes the wonderful memory of the miracle of love: I forgot your image tender / voice, heavenly traits. Life turns into an empty existence, cold and unattractive. According to Romantics, the world is built on false values ​​and principles that exert pressure and painfully hurt the human soul. It suffers and perceives the feeling of gloomy exile. In purely biographical terms, it can also be interpreted as being actually experienced by the poet himself, who has twice been condemned to exile for his free- Exodus days are monotonously sad, devoid of exalted gusts. The realization of the need for the deep impulse of passion is tantamount to awakening. Love is also a passion for true meaningful life. It opens the way to the great ones, to the high ideals and values. The revival of love raises the admiration for the beauty of the vision woman in heaven gave the impetus for new gusts: toward the deity of the temptation / of sweet tears, of love. It seems like the miracle of life is again happening from the dull existence, from the darkness of the exile, from the hopelessness does not remain a trace. The lovable perceives the strokes of the heart like a rhythm of life itself. The inspiration returns again and creates a sense of the complete human existence of the lyrical hero. The poem "For A.P. Kern" has a strong emotional impact. The love encounter with love and its assertion as a hearty

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