The God Concept Part 8 ; Does All of existence exist within the Mind of God?

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In this segment of The God Concept, we will entertaining the possibility that everything that exists - exists WITHIN the Mind of God.

Lets Begin.

Does the Entirety of existence have its place as existing within the Mind of the All?


Who is God ?

Where is God?

These are questions that have been asked by millions of Humans for millennia.

If there is an ultimate creator - then who is He and where is He located?

In Truth, God Is the intelligence that IS: thus God is everything that Is - and is thereby located not in one location, but everywhere,
not in one space or as one being - but located omnipresently as everything that is - as every being.

Beings travel interstellar in hopes of voyaging into the realm of the creator - into the Mind of The One. Hoping to find that which is the absolute.

They are perplexed because no matter how advanced they may be; they cannot find what they are looking for.

They ask themselves - where is the creator?

They cannot find a single location where is held the one absolute creator.

They cannot find this, because the Mind of God is existing everywhere - wherever existence is ; there is the Mind of God.

Existence is everywhere - God is everywhere.

And all that exists, is held within the mind of the infinite all.

Existence is upheld by The Mind Of The ALL.


The Mind of The All is all that is.
All that is is held within the Mind of The ALL.

Mind hath grown into being from chaos.

Expanding itself into the cosmos - creating nature.

Holding nature within the Bound of its being.

Expanding its energy - imprinting life upon void.

Thus nature - The Omniverse - exists within the mind of the ALL.

This is the creation - where God can interact with itself by creating itself as all possibility -

and living all possibility out.

any questions?

comment below and lets start a discussion .

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