The God Concept Part 7; The big bang, the first Virgin universe, ascension, and the omniverse.

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Hello and welcome to Coloured Content, the emotive philosophy disscussion forum and media outlet.

I, Neophyte, will be your Master of Ceremony on this philosophical journey.

Today you will be tuning into part 7 of The GOD Concept; The Big Band, The First version Universe, ascenson, and the omniverse that is expanding.

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Now we are in Part Seven.

Look out for the next two segments in The series - Part 8 ; Do We exist within the mind of the All?


Part 9 ; The Lucifer Rebellion.

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Let’s Dive into it !

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Where we left off in part six, was that I had told you that the creation hath risen out of nothingness in three proccesses, meaning that four proccesses in all had been involved in the birth of the creation.

I had told you that , in the begining, there was a timeless , spaceless nothingness, a void non-existence.

And that, as this void self realized that it “did not” exist, it simeltaneously realized that it “Did” exist.
And subtly the creation energy of Mind was birthed.

Thus grew the Mind of the all, from nothingness into the existance of all possibility being lived out which we call the creation.

Right now, we as spirits in bodies, are living in the mind of the all- the mind of the creation.

We are living in the Mind of the ALL , while embodying the energy of the all.

THE ALL hath risen from nothingness.
It is the thought that is Mind which births spirit; the thought of self - realization.

When nothingness realized it did not exist; this realization created the energy of existence.
As if it was per-destined math; the formula occured and acted itself out.

The All rose into existance from void through self realization - birthing the energy of existance - spirit.

The All That is one mind rose into being; rose into spirit.

From nothingness an existing energy was birthed; The All attractive energy of benevelonce.

Once this source of life came to be, it nestled against itself in its all attractive vortex.

Then, perhaps wanting to experience what it could become, or perhaps testing its limits; It birthed the creation.
This is known as the big bang.

In order for this life essense of MIND/SPIRIT to implement itself upon the canvas of non-existence, it multiplied itself into angels.

Groups of one-self of the all beings whos purpose was to spread the life energy of the all,
To “Go forth and create”.

The ALL birthed itself into the first version universe.


It desighned the galaxies with the central pattern of life.

Angels were directed to weave suns; planets, and life habitat.

The All incarnated into these planets, suns and life forms.

These life forms, as directed by the angels, ascended back into the source; completing the cycle.

These beings all ascended back into the core of the mind of the all; the heart of all consciousness.

These beings became one selves of the all; beings in accordance with christ consciousness.

Again becoming one, these beings rebirthed themselves through creation; creating the multiversal omniverse.

As Human Beings we live in and occupy this 2nd one-verse.

We live in one local universe in an expanding omni-verse.

The Big Bang Probably happened beyond time; weaving time and space into existance.

The All expanded; creating the pre-conditions for life, and then the angels created stars and planets, and corporeal vehicles that would embody life and evolve.

The Plan for life then; Gods plan,’ is evolution.

The becoming of greater consciousness; ascension.

As we ascend in the light of life, we becometh free,
Yet as we crawl into darkness and hide: we becometh less; having to salvage for energy.

We are in an omniverse of possibility; but as we increase our awareness of who we really are as beings of the Light of life; so to does greater possibility become available.

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I still can not edit as soon after I post. It makes things way more difficult.



This is mere theory to me. The truth of the matter is yet to ascertained in future, if ever. But, I have a feeling that the story of creation is beyond the capacity of human brain.