What is God in your perspective?

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Our ancestors descended from trees and started sedentary life after becoming able to store food stuff. Storing food, rearing animals and use of tools make their life happy and gave them spare time to think about the world in which they were living. They watched everything with curiosity. They thought fire, water, storm, day, night, rain, strong animals, nature etc. have some amazing magical powers which is beyond their control. As they could not conquer these powers and things, they felt a sense of respect and gratitude towards those. 

They saw that women give birth to children and children came from the genitals of women; they started worshiping women as the mother goddess. Worshiping of the female genitals also started. Some people observed that it was the man whose seeds a woman receives and become fertile. So, worshiping of phallus (penis) started. Women lose her position and the patriarchal form of society developed. 

So, they started worshiping which was beyond their power or towards which they felt gratitude. Many forms of the gods and the goddess came into existence and are still worshiped in the present world. Again it was felt that there must be a supreme power which controls everyone as the king controls everyone. It started the concept of God which was supreme and possessed immeasurable powers. Man imagined every god and goddess something similar to humans in form, shape and thinking. So, man created God/god/goddess etc. in his own image.

God (and gods) is considered a power Who is merciful, benevolent, omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent. He is beyond everything and everyone, and the Supreme creator. Then a question came in somebody’s mind-‘If God is merciful then why we face difficulties, why bad things happen with us?’ So, the priests created Satan. It was he who could be blamed for every misfortune and evils of us. 

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Every religion believes that God created this universe. But the question arises who created God? How God came into existence and what prompted Him to create this world? According to science, this whole universe came into existence after the Big Bang. The Big Bang started from nowhere. It is believed that the universe is expanding and one day it will collapse or expand to such a degree that everything will be destroyed. String theory purposes that this universe has many dimensions. So, from multi-dimensional to bubble universe, we have many theories. So, science has not definite answer regarding creation of the universe (and also God). Religious people see this as the shortcomings and limitations of science but they forget that they also have no answers of these questions. At least science is trying to find the answers of the questions related to our existence but religions closed the chapter stating that everything is known to them. So, it is a blind alley for religions. They cannot go beyond their theological fundamentalism while science is not stuck to the answers provided by the religions. In fact, science is trying to find God in somewhat strange manner. Are we not finding the God-particle (Hings- Boson)? 

It is said God is infinite. Can we see or reach to infinite? Imagine a very large number (Graham number etc.). You can add one to this number and again one to the number obtained. You can do it again and again but you cannot get the largest number. this becomes an infinite loop. This is the reality of infinity. If God really exists, can we see, hear or touch Him? Can we get close to Him? No, never! So, no definite answer can be given about the existence or form of God. If someone claims that he has seen or heard voice of God, he must be a liar or a lunatic.

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There are perspectives of "Seeing and Hearing" , all of which perceives information.

Now , with my physical eyes I can perceive (sight);
With my skin, I can perceive " feeling"
With my nose , I can perceive Odour or Scent.

So, with the right Spiritual Connectivity, MEN can be connected to God , which could mean SEEING GOD.
What matters is PERCEIVING GOD, not necessarily by Sight.

Infact sight perception is not necessary because GOD is a SPIRITUAL Powerforce; not a Physical, Observable Substance which can be perceived by our Physical RETINA.

Yes! I have "Seen" God and I am not a Lunatic!!

GOD is God because "He" is Self Originating and Subsistence, thereby not subject to anything or authority. Otherwise He wouldn't be God.

So their INABILITY TO DECIPHER God's Origin makes Him GOD because it defiled ALL Physical Laws.

If His EXISTENCE is subjected to Physical Laws , He would have been like any other Organic or Inorganic Substance,not a Good!!!

God can't be confined to Geology, Geography, Chronology or State of Matter.