GOCHAIN - A new blockchain platform

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Hello veryone, today I will tell about Gochain - a new blockchain platform. is it potential? Should we invest it?.....

  1. What is Gochain?
    Gochain is a blockchain platform, everyone can release token on it. Gochain work same with Ethereum so all Dapps on Ethereum can work on Gochain. Gochain want to an ecosystem where the projects can biuld, develop easily and simply. With new technology, new idea Gochain maybe be a big platform in the furture.
  2. Gochain vs Ethereum
    As we know, Ethereum is a big platform. There are many tokens released on it. But these time, Ethereum has many limitations. Ethereum is low 13tx/s, tx fee is expansive, use old consensus algorimth. The most important, Ethereum network is very difficult to scalability.
  3. Proof of Reputation (POR)
    Gochain overcomes the weaknesses of ETH using the consensus algorithm POR. Gochain nodes are distributed in 50 countries around the world, which increases the decentralization of the network, does not affect the crypto rule of some countries, and avoids 51%. Each node of Gochain is a public company, doing transparent and have a good history of development for a long time. Companies are carefully selected by strict criteria
  4. Roamap
    Roadmap is clear. Until now, no plan is delayed with roadmap. We wait Q2/2019 when Gochain network reach 13000 tx/s.
  5. Team
    Gochain team is clear, too. There are many prople that have experience about blockchain.
  6. PR and marketing
    Gochain is full of powerful markiting processes to attract users as well as developers, developing the Dapp on the gochain network. By organizing gochain contests, metup presentation, building community on facebook, twitter, telegram ....
    With all the information above, think gochain will grow very strong in the future. I will spend more time researching gochain. Wish gochain will soon reach its upcoming plans
    Thank you!
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