My Goals for Steemit

in goals •  9 months ago

So today the question was presented to me on the Minnow Fund application (a project of @brandonfrye), "What long-term goals do you have for your Steemit account?"

I had never put much detailed thought into it. I knew coming into Steemit that I wanted to share some content and build relationships. However, I never thought about it much deeper than that.


So, after some thought, my answer is the following:

#1 - To create computer repair, maintenance and security content

#2 - Build a community of related computer professionals

#3 - Build relationships with those in who have the same hobbies and interests

#4 - Be a contributing member of the communities.

So those are my goals and I do beleive I have done well in #1 and #4, but need some work on #2 and #3.

Please share what your goals are on Steemit.. I am very curious as to the reason others are here. (1).png

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I'll help spread the word @joebrochin -resteemed-
Good luck on your application!


Appreciate it a lot Kitty. You should apply as well.

What a great idea! Maybe it would also help you to make SMART objectives for your goals (you know, Specific, Measurable, etc.). It could aid you in reaching your ambitions :)


Glad I could help :)


You did. Soon as you made that comment the juices started flowing.


Great idea. I really just like having fun and meeting people, but this could actually give me measurable goals to shoot for. Something like 500 followers and 100 SP by end of the year...or something like that.