My Refined Goals for Steemit

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Four days ago, I applied for @minnowfund delegation. Yes, because I am a minnow (maybe even minnow poo). See Minnowfund Applications Are Now Open.

As part of the application, we had to provide a post where we outlined our goals for Steemit. I did provide some goals but one of my favorite peeps on this platform, @vendee, recommended I make them into more qualitative and quantitative goals.


So, I did that. Below are my refined goals for Steemit for the year 2018:

#1 - To create computer repair, maintenance and security content

My plan is to post content in various forms at least two times week. This content will definitely include a regular blog post on Mondays and Wednesday. I also plan to place some content on @Steepshot and sometimes @Dtube

#2 - Build a community of related computer professionals

The week will also include my search for at least three IT professionals per week to follow and establish a relationship with.

#3 - Build relationships with those in who have the same hobbies and interests

I would also like to find and follow at least three persons per week who shares the same hobbies or interests as me (coin collecting, fishing, DIY projects and history).

#4 - Be a contributing member of the communities

Now, relationship building is the most wonderful thing about this platform. I plan to comment on posts of at least 5 new members of the community per every other day, if not more.

Then to maintain relationships, I also plan to do the same thing for my followers (at least 5) every other day, if not more.

#5 – Increase SP to 1,000 and achieve a reputation score of 60 and reach 500 followers

This goal I would like to do as natural as possible, but I know it is an uphill battle. With that said, I plan to purchase a little Steem to power up and SBD every month.

So, I think these are all realistic goals, with the last one, specifically SP, being my long pole in the tent.

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Great post and a great game plan, wishing you much success. 😀


Thanks Paul!

Dude, fantastic goals! You know what you should do....Print this out and write them down on paper every week. Get them into your mind almost daily and I guarantee you will hit them!


I don't know about the writing down bit (not much of a writer), but I am bookmarking this under my Steem related stuff, which I view everyday.

Amazing, @joebrochin! Glad I was able to give you some valuable advice (and thanks for calling me one of your favourite peeps on this platform, that totally warmed my heart :))
I love when goals are clear, measurable and achievable. Yours look very realistic and rewarding!

So, good job! I will keep my fingers crossed for your application :)


Oh, no prob. I am glad I followed you. Your posts are so entertaining. I love your writing style. Anything that makes me smile and think at the same time is good stuff.


I am blushing :) Thanks for your kind words, happy to make anyone smile :)

Well thought-out goals Joe, and I think they are realistic too. I'm not sure who is your competition for the delegation from @minnowpond, but I hope you'll get it!


Thanks @gadrian! One can only hope.


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