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Once a year a worldwide community gathers to showcase the latest innovations in favour of United Nations’ Global Goals. This year Steem is part of it! Amongst over 500 applicants ImpactN has been chosen to be a partner at the SDG Global Festival of Action (SDG = Sustainable Development Goals). We’ll show how we integrate Steem blockchain into our Global collaboration platform. Worldwide livestream of the event will help people realise, there is more than Etherium in the blockchain4good space.

Our unique selling point: we combine the social power of communities with the economic power of blockchain, giving people the possibility to share time, talent and money in favor of impactful projects. Steem’s reward mechanism is adopted to incentivise social impact and its technical advantages enable fast and cheap Global funding and investment. Together with @steemitkidsworld we’ve successfully realised our proof-of-concept. People are definitely impressed, that it has been possible to realise a well in Ghana by combining two, what they call niche products: Discord and Steem.

Our next step at the Festival in Bonn, May 2nd will be onboarding users onto our beta-version. Who are they? We address the generation of Millennials, 75% of the work-force in 2025. They look for purpose in what they do and they have high technology literacy. They are used to have the world at their finger-tips and they want immediacy plus direct interaction in changing the world to its better.

This is something existing centralised systems of charities and governmental bodies don’t offer. At ImpactN we serve these needs by combining face2face communication and peer2peer interaction. We enable direct global interaction with projects and immediate funding schemes, be it donations or impact investment.

Creating a good user-experience is our main goal at the moment. Concerning Steem integration we tackle two major challenges:

On-boarding on Steem will be part of the user voyage on ImpactN and shouldn’t be the first hurdle user have to take.
On-boarding on Steem must go along with clear user benefits, making it attractive to cope with the still existing challenges such as purchasing Steem with FIAT.

Any ideas on this and on marketing at the Festival would be great!

Many thanks at this point already to @shredz7, @jarvie, @wehmoen and @starkerz form @oracle-d, restless in answering our questions and supporting our journey. And a great round of applause to @vadkuthyn and his brother alex for setting up our beta-version, discovering more and more of the Steem-universe every day.

You like what ImpactN is doing?

Join the team!
Delegate some Steem Power to @impactn. We'll utilise Steem Power to vote on impact-rich posts and posts describing this journey. Thanks to @jackmiller for providing the delegation tool.
Be a sponsor or investor for the development of ImpactN.
Any other idea? Tell us on Discord


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That's awesome!

Really making rapid progress.

Millennials = 75% of the workforce by 2025. Now that makes me feel old!

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Congrats for being selected as a partner to this event and for choosing to showcase Steem there!

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