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ImpactN supports crowd-based problem solving for pressing social and environmental issues, such as zero hunger, coping with climate change, reducing inequalities. Today we have done a big step towards a global social network with its own platform. We proudly present our first working product, thanks to @steemitkidsworld, @childrensclothes, @pennsif and breadfromheaven

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Why should you care?

You got a great idea or a fantastic project for the better of people and planet? You need feedback and collaborators? Here is the place to look for them.

You're searching for something meaningful to do? Something with purpose? Get engaged with a project, you' re interested in! Lots of talent is needed: designers, marketeers, engineers, farmers...

You want to support a good cause by upvoting or funding? Look around and you'll certainly find it. Using STEEM it's easy and transparent to do so. If you don't have a STEEM account (yet), come to our Discord and ask to learn more.

How does it work?

For co-creators and supporters

Explore projects on our database. Find out more about their needs by discussing with them on our Discord. Start cocreating!

For projects and ideas

Let people find you! We'll help you by promoting our database. How to get on it? Please answer a few questions. Our team will contact you shortly and set up an introductory post together with you. And don't forget to join our Discord. People will contact you there. Later on, we'll ask you to give some information on progress you've made.

That's it. Now it's up to you.

Some guidelines.

Information displayed on our database is provided by the projects. ImpactN cannot give any further details since it only provides this social marketplace. If you want to know more, please get in contact directly - after all that's the whole idea of this place.

Some projects seek donations using our services. As a project, please don't use a private account for this. Always use a separate project account. Furthermore, you should provide some information on what you spend the money one and give some evidence for the impact you have achieved. Your supporters will like this. And we'll be happy, to assist you in how to assess social impact.

You like what we are doing?

Delegate some Steem Power to @impactn. ImpactN will utilise Steem Power to vote on impact-rich posts and posts describing this journey. How to delegate the easy way? Simply use the steemconnect service: Simply copy this link, type in your username without the @ symbol where it says YOURUSERNAME no spaces. Easiest way to make sure you don't make a mistake, just copy paste your user name without the @ symbol. To finish it all off, just type in the amount of Steem Power where it says 100.000. Take note, you must have three numbers after the decimal dot. Thanks to @jackmiller for this simple forward explanation.

Be a sponsor for the development of ImpactN by transferring Steems / SBDs to @impactn.

Join our curation-trail using


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