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What do we want to change? Which problem are we solving? What is our desired impact?

Give a change in the administration of resources, change the bases of self-sustainable social enterprises, capable of generating resources to invest in active cryptography, providing educational training tools, establish alliances with other projects to generate a large-scale impact in Venezuela.
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How I take action!

I have a textile company, with a registered brand of haute couture clothing for women and children. At this time due to the crisis that my country is going through, I have decided to implement and make available my facilities for a socio productive project, which serves to shelter children who do not have clothes, to market products of solidarity fashions and to invent in a market that generates its own resources, training mothers who do not have a job as entrepreneurs, strengthening the production of nation.

I currently have some donations as a social responsibility. Social responsibility is a behavior voluntarily adopted by companies, which goes beyond their legal obligations, which contributes to the economic development of the community and of society in general, improving the quality of life of people and their families, and which is long-term in their own interest.

Corporate Social Responsibility is not a fad, it is not something that can be improvised or added optionally to the company, but it is integrated into the strategic planning of it. It is an integral set of policies, practices and programs that are implemented throughout the chain of corporate operations and in the decision-making process. It is a concept that implies the need and obligation of companies and institutions that develop some kind of economic activity, to maintain a respectful behavior of legality, ethics, morals and the environment.

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Help needed for my project

The scenario is prepared for this project, and documented with a very high feasibility study. The most important costs such as infrastructure, and machinery are covered, as well as legal licenses for export, permits, It is only necessary to promote this activity for the acquisition of raw material in the first instance, such as fabrics, buttons, threads, sewing materials. It is also important to receive suggestions and ideas from people with design and packaging experiences.

Contact Data

Instagram @vastagocasademodas.
[email protected]
[email protected] or chat with @childrensclothes#7556 on our Discord

Additional considerations:

The project will operate under the trademark "Vastago" with an export license.
You can see the complete project in the following link

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In the hands of God we put this project.


For God be all the glory. God blesses perseverance
Glorious blessings for this project

Excellent presentation, God continue to bless this project, truly the best layer is love.

In our country, perseverance is needed to achieve the goals and God certainly blesses those who do not surrender.
Blessings to this great project.

There is no better dress than love.
God bless this project