A Project Proposal For A Borehole Water Supply At Kwakyekrom M/A Basic School For Clean Water

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The main objective of this project is the construction of a borehole at Kwakyekrom M/A Basic School, who for so long are facing lack of portable clean water supply.
We all know the functions of water to the human body is very vital and our system depends on it to function. But the worst of it all is when it's very difficult to get water and drink and after you manage to get some and it's unclean which eventually will cause diseases like cholera, malaria, fever, typhoid, Amoebiasis, and Jaundice.
Aside all this, it will also help supply clean water to others who are close by the school. These are the problems the basic school is facing as at now and if care is not taking we might lose all the young ones at their early stages.

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This is a video of the kids at the river fetching water.

How we want to take action!

This is one of two samples of how the end product of the borehole will look like... it could be a round well or a pump like this one you are seeing.
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There are 500 plus kids in the school currently and this project will help stop the risk of all these kids getting infected by diseases from the river water which is where they fetch water for food and to drink for so long now.

Help needed for my project

Steemit kids world wants to help raise funds for the borehole project for the kids and the school in a whole. Please donate to @steemitkidsworld


Who we are

Steemit Kids World Foundation is a Ghanaian registered non-profit organization where like-hearted individuals come together and become agents of change.
Our key areas of focus are what we believe to be the pillars of a fulfilling life - health and education.
Goal Of Steemit Kids World:

To help build self-confidence in kids who have gone through traumatic events and Create a joyful environment for learning
To educate kids about basic health, hygiene, sanitation and on their rights as a child.
Encourage and ensure each girl become an independent thinker and self-learner.
To help the needy, deserving children, handicaps, orphans, and sick children by providing them with books, scholarships, school uniforms, medicines, clothes, hospitalization, food etc
To organize talent show programs for specially disabled kids or homeless kids to help boost their confidence and hope of a bright future.
To conduct health awareness programs for the kids on the streets about drugs
To organize social awareness camps and counseling sessions for kids going through life abuse.

Contact data

Email [email protected] or chat with @kofpato on our Discord.

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I'm a big fan of water wells. We actually have one we use near Seattle.

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