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Yesterday I just happened to check Craigslist in my area because I have been throwing around the idea of getting another kiln. Well I happened to get lucky because I came across someone selling their whole glassblowing studio for a really good price. This included a nice kiln, a torch, some tools, and a bunch of both clear and colored glass.

It's also a little odd because right now I can't even use the kiln I already have due to my electricity limit, yet alone running a second one. Most of these things I won't be able to really use to their full potential for at least another month or two, but at the price I paid I couldn't pass it up.



I also am in the process of waiting for my decals to arrive in the mail. I'm hoping that by this time next week I will have a handful of glass with my logo on them ready to hit the sheves. Keep an eye out and I will definitely share when I have them in hand.

Hope all of you out there are having a good day and staying warm out there. Happy Wednesday!


Absolutely awesome job man and I can't wait to see more of your work

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Very cool. I just followed you and I’m looking for a couple new pipes. If you’ll take steem for payment I might have something for ya. Let me me know.

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Kick ass score! I have to say I have been happy with my Redmax over the years. It has done me well.

Howdy there borofreak! That looks like an incredible buy you snagged there! I'm not familiar with the craft, what is Redmax?

Redmax is a specific model of torch from a company in Canada. Very common beginer/intermediate torch.

oh howdy there borofreak! I got it, thanks so much for the explanation!