Benevolence and the Act of Giving

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Today is Giving Tuesday which began in 2012 partly by the UN and partly because of the consumerism that is rampant due to Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

An image I have always loved is the one below. A man comes across a homeless girl and gives her his sandals with no thought of needing anything himself. If a picture is worth a thousand words - this one is a full novel. Every time I look at it, I am moved to give. I hope that you are as well.

(Via Larntan)

The old adage goes that it is always better to give than to receive. For the most part, I hold this to be self-evident and important in the mannerisms that humans should treat each other. But what about those that say that we have to look out after ourselves, our own, our country, our our our...? Of course, being safe and being in a position to give is priority #1. It is said that people with less also give more than people with more. This is probably more anecdotal than anything else but provides a platform for debate.

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The question that is surely up for debate is whether capitalism is working in this present day. Those that are benefiting the most from it would surely say yes. But do you really need 5 houses while people struggle to hold on to what they have? Probably not. Is it right that wages have stagnated while our tax codes [brackets] haven't changed in 3 decades. Most certainly not. The present system, as you would hear Bernie Sanders say repeatedly, is rigged.

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SO how do we change the system? What do we need to do to make sure we take care of ourselves but also those that are in need around the World? I believe that we begin by bringing issues up to our elected officials. We take the time to meet with them, discuss ideas and help build coalitions. I have met with Senators, Congressmen, Activists and there is no shortage of people power - being directed in a way that will move our democracies forward is on the agenda. And if don't find those who are willing to do the work, who have been bought by the large corporations or funded by the special interests, it is time to remove them.

(Via Common Dreams)

The bigger work also comes from changing things on the local level, especially in our State houses. In my home state of California, I believe that is where we will have the most impact, after all, we are currently the 6th largest economy in the World!

(Via Zero Hedge)

As today is Giving Tuesday, I will end this post with all the different places that I believe a few dollars will go a long way and have major impact. You can agree with them or not, but for me - I will do my best to donate to all of them because they all represent something I truly believe in. I hope you will participate as well. Thanks for taking the time to read and have a blessed day, week, month - LIFE!

World Wildlife Fund
They also concentrate there work on food, climate, fresh water, wildlife, forests and oceans.

Coupla Guys and Gals Give Back
A organization that I have been a part of for the past 3 years. They are amazing and concentrate on animals, people and the environment.


By giving to this page, you will continue to support the building of human knowledge in a profound way. Just $3 goes a long way.


Food & Water Watch
A generous donor will match your gift 2-1 up to $75K which triples the impact of your gift.


Human Rights Campaign
Your gift will help fight for the rights of all people. "Love is Love."

Jewish Voice for Peace
Advocating for a just and lasting peace between Israelis and Palestinians. As a man of Palestinian descent, this one is very dear to me and I have been a member for many years now.

Motion Picture Television Fund
As a member of the entertainment industry, I have been a part of this organization for many years. I have also volunteered for this organization for many years, including buying groceries for Kathleen Nolan, 1st woman elected VP of SAG-AFTRA.

US Campaign for Palestinian Rights
Your donation will help further the cause of Palestinian rights. And these specific donations will go to planting more olive trees which families like mine have harvested for thousands of years!

The Giving Spirit
Another organization that I have volunteered for the past several years. We put together survival kits for LA's homeless. It is a wonderful organization.

These are some of the amazing organizations doing very important work out there. I hope you participate today in giving what you can - and should you have any organizations you want to highlight, please leave them in the comments! Thank you!



Nice picture agree with this ;)

Thank you - happy that you do!

Beautiful article. It is one of the reasons I find steemit (or blockchain in generally) so great, is that we can distribute wealth more evenly. Even though at the moment in steemit, the rich becomes richer. Many less fortunate people have benefitted.

Thank you for those kind words and I agree that my hope that wealth is distributed in the most evenly and fair ways possible. It is asinine to me that wages have stagnated (especially in the US) over the past 30 years. People want to work, but they should and need to be compensated fairly.

Great post @sammyb

Thanks brother - and thank you for all the support... I will keep working under your expert tutelage! :)

Benevolence is a word we don’t often use today. Nonetheless, it's a timeless principle. Confucius taught benevolence as the central idea of his philosophy, and the Chinese character for benevolence is a combination of the signs "people" and "two," signifying how people should treat one another. The Savior Jesus Christ exemplified benevolence in his every waking minute from dining with so-called sinners to healing the blind and lame. Benevolence is a disposition to do good; a generous act of goodwill, kind-heartedness or sympathy. It is a gift or act of charity with no expectation of repayment.

animals move me the most easily - I am going to stretch myself into another area today that isn't the most natural form - its like going to the gym!

Yes, do what you can if it is in the flow. I have volunteered a lot over my lifetime, but it is always so helpful for the people you are supporting.

@sammyb great post!

Thanks Chloe!!! How are you doing... going to check out your blog NOW!

This is awesome Sam. 🙏. It’s in the giving and not the receiving we get to focus on.. too often people are concerned about what they get to GIVE instead of what they get out of GIVING. 💯‼️

Absolutely Colleen! I couldn't agree more! :)

You are right...

Love this! So inspiring. Thanks for sharing and caring.

Thank you for all that you're doing too! I really want to help out in all ways that I can for Myanmar... I plan to do a substantial post for tomorrow that I am queueing up now.

Buena información de la imagen me conmovió mucho, es importante pensar que no estamos solos. saludos !!

Lovely post, and I am in complete agreement. Thank you.

My mom taught me the value in giving, both monetarily and in giving of my time, from the time I was a child. She also led by example, always the best way to teach. ;-)

By my teens I was volunteering regularly, beginning in and around my native Los Angeles, and I've continued ever since. She inspired me to volunteer with Ingleside Mental Health Center (San Gabriel Valley) when I was still in high school.

We can all do something, and even when we feel like a problem is too big, or we can't make a difference, just doing that one small thing you can do adds up with the efforts of others over time.

We, as individuals, are far more powerful than we know.

Thank you for the lovely reply. I agree with everything you said as well. It is time for us to do as much as we can after giving of ourselves. I am also in the Los Angeles region, but a Chicago native.

Where do you volunteer mostly now?

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Giving is the only true way you can feel blessed... try it today

Thank you Joseph. Try it today and every day in my opinion. We need to give more of ourselves after our cup runneth over.

A picture worth a thousand

Yes, and a $1 goes a long way to any of those organizations listed.

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