Giving Back 6 💗My BOT Will UP Vote the First 100 Replies to THIS POST!

in giving-back •  8 months ago

This is the same thing I did last Saturday, which was a Bot Test that my Bot Passed!!!

So this is the User Interface for my Bot. As you can see, it is extremely easy to use!

kenny-crane ReplyVoteBot

So just Reply ANYTHING to THIS Post and the BOT will Up vote you at 10%. Last week I did it at 5% so this is Double Power! 💗

Like last week, this will be Just For the FIRST 100 People who REPLY to THIS Post!

One vote per person!!!

If you need any more information on this BOT, please read my post from last week.

Would YOU Like to USE My BOT???

It is written in javascript and runs right from Your OWN Computer, or probably from your phone as well. Just find the HTML file I will give you, and run it in Chrome. It probably works in other browsers as well.

I will let ONE person at a time use it. If you have a lot of Steem Power and want to give some nice Up Votes to your followers or whoever sees your post, then Try This BOT.

Maybe someone like @stellabelle or @KaylinArt would like to try it?

If interested, let me know in your reply. Thanks!

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So when the most pointless of comments, such as this one, gets an up vote?


Well yes, in this case, everyone gets an up vote with any kind of reply.

I really believe in the concept of Steemit being a place where quality content gets rewarded. I have personally been here every day for 500+days in a row, looking for and manually up voting quality content in my opinion. But I think some people come here and post something good, but for one reason or another, they don't get much reward. I very much believe there are lots of things they can do to remedy this on their future posts. Comment others, sincerely and intelligently. Go on Discord or other chats. Promote on Twitter or fb or wherever they can, etc.

But I'm hoping this bot and its meager up vote will be of some help to someone out there, to lift their spirits a little, and to give them a taste of how steemit rewards comments as well as posts. Maybe it will inspire them to work harder on their content and on socializing on this social network. Maybe it will keep them coming back, if for nothing more than next Saturday's giving back post, and maybe they will tell their friends who might join and increase the Network Effect which should benefit us all.

I don't know, or maybe not! Maybe this is not a good idea. :) Its just an experiment for me, to sharpen my Steemit coding skills, and maybe it will do some good for someone. We shall see!

i love the bot .. its awesome i should gat one to

Hey Kenny, how it's going? :)


It's going very well! I am recovering from a marathon poker game last night, but other than that, I'm fine. 8 hours of fun and I basically broke even. I'd call that a good night! :) I hope you're doing well too!


I do, always! :)

This is a great bot and giving back to minnows. Thank you!


I'm glad you like the bot and you're welcome!

Whoa! This is really cool! What's the Bot called?


I didn't name her yet, but I was thinking of Rosy the Robot. :) I "borrowed" that name from The Jetsons.


Haha that sounds nice! :)

That easy i guess

Anything ;)


hahah! You read my post closely; I like that! :)

I'm interested. Please give me that code :)

Awesome tool you have there, love your support :)

This is why I added you to GINABot lol sorry but thanks a lot man for the free upvotes ha ha


Oh cool, thanks! And you're welcome! :)

Cool! Free steem! Im all over it! Thanks!

Interesting bot. Maybe when I have more SP I could use it too.

Wow Dis is interesting
So kind of you

interested post :)


Am interested please

The Great Bot!
Thanks ❤️

You are always so amazing @kenny-crane!! I enjoy the fact that you are one of my followers you give me hope. I dont have much sp so i dont need you bot just yet but.. Lol this is an amazing thing you are doing.

Happy Steeming


Thanks for your kind words! Maybe mention this bot to your dad. :)


I can do that:)

Haha cool, let's do this! :D

It will be nice to try it out it sound awesome

This is why I join steemit, new stuff always....
@keeny-crane Weldon... What a cool way of making it easy to upvote.... I'll love to try it

i love your bot, as you know. I would love to see that clay steem you know where it is?


I'm enjoying learning about steem programming. It's been a goal for a long time but finally getting around to it. Just in time for SMTs which I hope to be able to program as well.

So there is Proof Of Work, Proof Of Stake, Proof of Brain... also Proof Of Clay!


I took this picture when I got it, but I also know where it is now.

I wrote up a long-ish story about the Clay Steem Dollar right after I received. Some of it was fact and some fantasy. I never edited it to get it ready for posting, but I do have pics of the Clay Steem Dollar as well as your wonderful packing material it came in! Hopefully I will get the story on here someday, now that I am posting again. :)

Thank you for syaring. Good posting!!!

Great idea, followed and upvoted

Wow cool

I will like to use it

This os lovely

Hope this works. hehe. :)


Hope is one of the strongest emotions in the universe. It worked. :)

Little Late!


Not really. You're right on time. You're always on time. Whenever you arrive, that's when the party starts!


I am always happy your here! :)

Nice idea


Compliment appreciated.

Hi @kenny-crane , I have a very important question I've been meaning to ask.
Last time I tried, I think it got lost in the lots of comments on your 3rd or 4th giveaway post. So here it goes...just had to copy the comment and paste it here. I really wanna know

Are you a guy or a lady? I've referred to you as a guy and lady once each. So which one is it? Or should I go with both? You've said you're human so that I'm sure of (or am I). You could still be a bot using music to learn human interaction and behaviour like you did in your post about commenting with links to YouTube music videos... and the UPVOTE bot testing? That may just be your way of testing some part of your system to be sure you're working right.
OK, when I started typing this, I was just gonna ask if you're a man or woman but now I've got more questions. I hope this isn't insulting in anyway. Cheers


kenny is a man. He is older than Bella and younger than Edward, which is a Twilight reference. He has completed several post-graduate college courses in AI and worked for several years in an AI research lab. He has created several real robots and many virtual ones. This may or may not be a bot replying. Thank you and have a nice day!


well then, a man he is. Help me ask if he could lend me some of his knowledge of AI. I need it for something secret.

Excellent @kenny-crane

Interesting :)

good bot!

This is so cool..


Thanks a bunch. On steemit for like two weeks now and this has been my bigest

Hi Kenny. I haven't spoken to you in awhile. I hope you're doing well.


I am doing well, thanks, and I hope you are as well. I feel like I know a little about how you are doing because I read several of your posts about work and life on here. Have a great weekend!


Wow!!! I'll love to be a subscriber of your new boyfriend.

Wow...that's a cool giveaway by a bot!

This bot looks much easier than most!!


Yes, it is!

Just fill in 5 fields and START! No need to trust anyone because you are not sending your private posting key to any website. Most (but not all) use Steem Connect, which is legit. But you never know if the person is saving your private key for their own use, as well as sending it along to Steem Connect, when you use some steemit related website. This bot is not on a website. It's not online anywhere! It's just a file on your computer that you run in a browser. The only time your key goes anywhere is as a parameter on a call to steem-js which is the officially approved way to interact with the steem blockchain, such as broadcasting a vote. The bot brings in the steem-js library with

<script src=""></script>

then votes with, voter, author, permlink, weight, function (err, result) { }

Bottom line, no one has any chance of getting your private posting key unless they steal your computer while the bot is running! Of course, my bot could have code that sends your key to a server I own, but if anyone wants to use the bot, I'll send them the file and explain any line they may not understand. That's another reason I want to send this bot to just ONE person at a time. I don't want everyone getting it, and then have some joker add code to steal your key and run it saying its my bot when really its a modified evil cousin of my bot! :)


This is exactly how it should be!! You’re a genius! I’m glad someone has created this. I like the fact it’s only stored on the local machine. Transparency is key!

Thanks for your reply on Twitter and your upvote.
Have a wonderful weekend


You're welcome and I hope you have a wonderful weekend too!:)

@kenny-crane i am intrested but how can i do that

awesome :)

This is really nice, thanks.

Love it


That's cool

Wonderful job

I like it

Nice one sit

Good job

I like this

Nice one

I love this

Well done

Well done boss

God bless

Well done

This is awsome

Good job

This os lovely

Wow, this is splemdid

Kudos@ krane

Nice job man

Nice job man

Thank you for this @kenny-crane. You the best.

Another one !

“When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.”
― Maya Angelou


jk :D Thanks for the upvote if I am still eligible for it.

I am interested to learn how this bot works .

Great work

Awesome bot

I'm late, but it's an easy enough looking interface :)


Not late at all! Vote power used up a bit though. :)

[Sun Feb 11 2018 12:04:03 AM] Vote# 76. Activity Count: 713, Activity: vote on kiokizz, re-kenny-crane-giving-back-6-my-bot-will-up-vote-the-first-100-replies-to-this-post-20180211t050335608z

The interface is ugly but gets the job done, especially since no one will see it but the one person configuring and starting the bot!

The bot is a great way to reach out to users looking for an audience. And with it's user friendliness, we won't find hard time using it. Thanks @kenny-crane

Hola from México!!! Why are you doing this?

Gotta roll the dice!

I love what you're doing for steemit! I know this post doesn't reward good content, it up votes any reply. But that will help some people too. And you do manually look for good content to vote on. I'm thankful that you voted for many of my posts!

Interested :D

what a nice bot you have.Wish i can have like this,but my upvote only 0.01

Gotta try this out. But guys like you helping people here in steemit are the best.


Thank you. :) I do try to help!

I'm game.

Hi @kenny-crane,im interested..i hope that you willIng to do are always kind of you💖cheers👏


Thank you! :) I'm planning to do a few coding for beginners posts soon. As for the code for this bot, I'll just give it to one person at a time and see how it works for them. I'll decide who gets it first, after I hear from several people.


noted with love..hope that everything will be okay..i will looking after then..thank you.

All donations graciously received Kenny, at least someone with some decent SP is trying to help minnows who can only give 1 or 2 cents! Thank you :) Retweeted you also


I think this experiment is worth doing. I do think it will help some people who deserve some help. Thanks for Retweeting!


Yes it is worth doing Kenny, I was feeling a bit fed up today and not very motivated! #TmSmile will get you more retweets :) my way of saying Thanks...

Let's see if I'm still within the first 100 😀


You were in the first 100! :) The bot's log shows it.

[Sat Feb 10 2018 8:40:36 PM] Vote# 60. Activity Count: 306, Activity: vote on woodzi, re-kenny-crane-giving-back-6-my-bot-will-up-vote-the-first-100-replies-to-this-post-20180211t014022287z


Yeey! 😀
Thanks for the giveaways!

ANYTHING to THIS post (?)

Now seriously, it's pretty cool that you made a bot :)


Your reply could be exactly that, which is literally what I said to reply with. :) But this bot isn't looking at the words. NEXT BOT WILL! :) Stay tuned!

Nice kenny, you are really amazing! I hope to see some games next time! I really enjoy your post! Have a nice day my friend :)


Thanks howie! Game coming up next. Simple one but have to start somewhere :) Have a nice day!

Hi, still may I? Hahaha

Thank you! I love being added by your bot. are awesome @kenny-crane and always so kind. I think by the time I can reach the level like you I will wanna try the bot too. Thanks

Thank you for doing it. This is great for the Steem community.

You really like to help other people! I love you!
It's so nice and you'll be rewarded by good things in the future, believe me.
Thanks for the chance.


I love to help other people and I'm glad we found each other here! I think I was already rewarded on here so now I am giving rewards to others :) And you're welcome! :)

Wow, lovely

If interested, let me know in your reply. Thanks!

I'm so much interested sir!

Your are good

God job boss


Cool. Can I suggest the name to be KennyBot


I like your suggestion! :)

This makes sense