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During Christmas in 2014, I made Monero wallets as stocking stuffers. Each wallet had a 100 monero in it ($25 at the time, now about $180). I'm not the most detailed orientated person, so needless to say, I forgot a word on one of the wallets. I never gave it away--figuring it would make a nice prize for someone with free time and a dictionary hack.

The words are: mailed large soothe doctor onward odds zodiac avidly addicted fishing shyness avidly

Go here to open the wallet:

Good luck and please post if you crack it--there's no way for me to verify it.

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Don't you know if the lost word was the first, the second, the third.... or the last one?
This would make things faster.

I'm guessing it wasn't the first or last one--but wasn't paying attention, obviously, so it's anyone's guess as to which spot. Though I'm not sure location matters--maybe someone from mymonero will chime in.

Location does matter but it should still be possible to crack it

Paging DaveBitcoin, the guy that runs

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I think I found the address but there was nothing in there when I got in. Seems someone else forgot to post that they found it. I knew it was too good to be true :(

EDIT: Well, maybe not. I found more possibilities out of order. brb

Update: I found it!! This was so exciting. Thank you!

You're welcome! ; )

Interesting, and somewhat alarming. When I was looking for it, I also stumbled across not one, but two wallets that had a transaction history (but 0 balance). This tells me one of two things: a) I should go buy a lottery ticket right now, or b) Weak/flawed prng is being used to generate wallets.

What was the other account? I only found 1 that had an received coins? I only looked at that parameter, I didn't look at the transaction history.

Decided to go and check. They use the browser's "window.crypto.getRandomValues" to generate the random number. Which supposedly uses the system random number generator.