1000 FOLLOWERS! Thank You! 10 SBD Giveaway!

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Wow. I really did not expect to get such a big boost in followers this week. I was sitting stagnant for quite a while so it came as a surprise. But now I am at over 1000 followers and counting!


I think a thank you to @dtube is in order. The jump in followers came after that account gave me a 100% upvote on my latest video. Check it out here. I never saw that upvote coming, but thank you, DTube.

I am so grateful to all my followers, both the brand new ones and those that have been sticking around for a while. 1000 seems like a big number here on Steem.

To celebrate this milestone I want to give back. So I'm doing a giveaway of 10 SBD. 2 Steemians will get 5 SBD each.

Here are the rules:

1. Follow my account on Steem if you haven't already

2. Resteem this post

3. Write a comment on this post giving me a constructive criticism about my videos.

That's it. Yes, for the constructive criticism you'll have to watch at least one of my videos. If you're new to my stuff and haven't seen any, hey, I linked one in this post so watch that one.

I'm always looking to improve my videos, so what do you think could be better about them? Would you like to see a different style? Do you think I could groom myself better? What should I do differently? Let me know.

Make sure it's constructive criticism and not destructive or it won't qualify. Those that have obviously not watched any of my videos will not qualify.

How I'll pick the winners

After the 7 day period is complete, I'll confirm that each entry followed the rules and each person that enters will get their username written down on an individual piece of paper. I will then draw two names out of a hat and those two will receive 5 SBD each. I will record this process on video and post it to DLive.

May the odds be ever in your favor. ;)
Happy Steeming and see you next week with the results.


Well, greetings from Venezuela first.
It is interesting to learn about other artists' experiences, since my 10-year-old son, @sebas19, dreams of being a Vlogger too.
I must admit that it is quite difficult to find details to the video of the Czechoslovakian mines, but if there is something to improve, not directly in the video but in the layout of the publication, and that without any doubt, placing the justified text, will give you a most pleasant user experience. Greetings and many successes.
Excuse my bad English.

Bueno saludos desde Venezuela primeramente.
Es interesante conocer experiencias de otros artistas, ya que mi hijo de 10 años @sebas19 sueña con ser Vlogger también.
Debo admitir que es bastante difícil hallarle detalles al vídeo de las minas checoslovacas, pero si hay algo para mejorar, no directamente en el vídeo sino en el maquetado de la publicación, y es que sin duda alguna colocar el texto justificado, le dará una experiencia de usuario más placentera. Saludos y muchos éxitos.

Hello friends from Venezuela. Thank you for your thoughtful comment. Keep encouraging your son to follow his dreams. It's not easy to be a vlogger so prepare him to work hard.

Hehehe, it's really an odyssey to keep it focused, fortunately his stay in Dtube, has generated some chocolates and that has encouraged him to continue, now he has set a goal, to gather for a smart phone. Thanks to you for taking time and answering us, it is exciting to meet good people in the field that you want to play. Greetings from Venezuela.

I have never heard of Ostrava before I saw this video. You have captured good amount of information about the coal mine in Ostrava. Honestly, Ostrava and Coal mines both are off-beat topics. However, there are two three points where i felt really concerned for you.

  • When you were going down 622 floors in the dark
  • When you went down railing below the wooden structure - my first reaction was - what if he could not come out of this pipe/wooden structure?
  • The changing room picture, which was captured like a horror movie scene.

  • I was planning to be the travel blogger, your video was an eye opener for all newbies like me who donot consider these aspects. Your video sets the real benchmark for the new comers like me. You deserved to be voted 100% by dtube account. Great going

    I enjoy visiting the off-beat places and having new experiences.
    Thank you for the compliments, I'm humbled. I hope I can inspire some newcomers to improve their content and earn upvotes too.

    Good initiative

    Just watched your Exploring Czech Republic's Mining Heritage in Ostrava video. Amazing filming its like watching a doco on tv, you have good camera presence . Also very interesting my last post was on mining and other industries and the affects on the environment. I feel for the people that had to work in the industry, being slightly claustrophobic I would have found it really scary. You were very brave to crawl in such small spaces. Love your work, looking forward to seeing more.

    I can't imagine coal mining as a career, something you work at every day. I don't know how they do it.

    Dave, your travel videos are on point. I just watched the one where you explored that old church that was leaning to one side. I found that very interesting as I had no idea it existed. Let me just say, that your content is on point and well thought out. The music and scenes all work together to create a really enjoyable masterpiece. You take us on the journey with you which is quite exciting.

    One criticism, since I am having a hard time coming up with one, is that I would like to see them posted more frequently. I understand that is tough to do since the shooting and editing takes a while. But yeah man, your videos rock and keep up the good work. We appreciate what you do here in the community 👊🏻


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    Good Videos !!

    One bit of advice a little more saturation in the colours would make your videos pop more and quicker cuts

    Keep at it !!

    Hi Dave, I just watched your video from mine in Ostrava, very interesting I must say. I wish to go there after watching your video for sure. The only thing that I didn't like was the changing volume levels, sometimes when the guide was taking I had to turn up the volume to hear what he was saying. And that's all, the rest was perfect in my opinion. Will watch some more for sure!

    I enjoyed the post the only critique I could think of is using all 5 search tags available to you for perhaps more exposure.

    Wow, this is great. I watched your video on Exploring Czech Republic's Mining Heritage in Ostrava, and it was almost perfect. I loved the camera quality, despite inside the mines the quality was still great.

    The only adjustment I will advise is the full use of subtitle. I noticed that sometimes you used used subtitles when the mine instructor was giving the history of the mine, especially when he was not too audible, but some other times there was no subtitles, and hence it required straining of the ear to hear what he was saying. Most of the things he was saying were juicy historical information, and the use of subtitles would have aided the better understanding of those historical facts.

    I will advise that future videos have full subtitles of all that is said in them, so that people can get a full understanding of what is being said.

    Apart from this, I would say (just like commenter @reseller said), the vlog was surely a masterpiece.

    Thanks for your comment. I value your input. I'll add more subtitles next time.

    Your videos are beautiful and I like your videos very well. Your travel videos are awesome and that makes me feel confident and realistic. The videos you like about me are those that make up the hill videos you created. They were really awesome, I want you to create more video travel from Hill and Forest . My simple post for you, please check .

    Wow. Thank you for dedicating one of your posts to me. I'm humbled.

    You have the art of posting interesting travel and info videos which are interesting even for the large audience who does not travel regularly. Also the video about Czech mining was very good. I would put it out there with professional documentaries.
    The best part is you invite people to the wonder of place where you are shooting.

    Thank you for this amazing comment! I think I'm nowhere near documentary status but I'll take your compliment to heart.

    Way to go my friend! That’s crazy awesome. Keep up the good work 👊🏻

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    Thanks, Ken. I'm excited.

    Congratulations for the milestone. :) we need to keep bringing more people from the internet here to our community.

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    Thank you. I want to help with bringing more people on

    Yeah that is amazing. We all should worry with bringing more people to join us here :)

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    Thank you so much!

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    Un buen video amigo.

    gracias, amiga.

    Sorry, I meant congratulations!

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    haha. thank you.

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    Hi! Followed you already. Still on the process of watching your videos. I may give some feedback afterwards.. :)

    Aww, thanks. I'd love your feedback.

    congrats !

    critics is very very hard to write :)

    Thank you. That is a compliment