The Power of Running Giveaways On Steemit

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Hi Friends!

I have run a host of different giveaways in my time here on Steemit - and so I wanted to share a bit more about why I run them, what I have learned, and how impactful they can be.

Earlier this week I appeared on @littlescribe's show and she reminded me that she had won a few SBD in a giveaway I did a few months ago - and how much that left an impression on her. It really got me thinking - that for the price of a cup of coffee - you can have a really positive impact on a fellow steemian!

In this video, I talk about all the positive effects I've seen on my own channel from running giveaways, including meeting awesome people, getting more exposure, and getting to give back.

I also discuss exactly how I structure mine and what I have learned! If anyone is starting to feel like their channel is feeling a little stagnant - I think that running a giveaway can be a cool way to inject some life and energy again - all while giving back to those around you. It's really a win - win and doesn't have to cost a lot of money.

I hope you guys found this helpful! If any of you would like help or guidance on setting up your first giveaway - I'd be happy to help!

XO, Lea


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I ran a few of these myself over the last year here on steemit using but back then they where 25 -50 SBD giveaways granted the price was stupid low then. If those people held on to them in December they walked away with some sweet crypto cash! lol

Giveaways have huge impacts both in building a community, followership and helping others.


Wow - that is a nice sized giveaway!!

You summed up the benefits perfectly in your comment. It’s really a win-win!


And the other potential win that giveaways will draw enough up votes and all to be worth more than was given.


Awesome point @bmanmcfly!! Most of the time - the post earnings will cover the cost of the giveaway anyway.

Nice b-roll intro hehe. Rockin socks in that pic barista! THE REAL you! Not sure if you watched my "Be Real" video, but you just did it, haha. I'm a marketing guy and I haven't done that yet, personally I feel like its a cheap way of doing it, but you are right, I really need to do that.


Ooh I missed that video, but just went and watched it! Love the message! It’s so true. People want to see the real, raw you. Without that - it’s just another video in the sea of content.

Also - I know that’s a funny barista pic. It’s actually the only one I could find! I was working on Christmas Eve, and so they were my candycane socks. I was wearing a Santa hat too. lol

I’m such a nerd, I would always convince my coworkers to dress up with me on Christmas Eve because stuff like that totally helps you make better tips. 😂 And it’s fun... haha

Also, thanks for the compliment on the b-roll intro. I know it’s nothing fancy - but I want to start adding more stuff like that into my vlogs.

You're right about the power of the "contest" tag. I found your channel through the "contest" tag not so long ago.

But the reason I followed you was that your positive energy put a smile on my face in record time.

I swear, it would break my heart if I ever read one of those oh-so-common stories, like "Coruscate always maintained a smile, while nursing the darkest depression. Followers were shocked to discover the depth of Coruscate's sadness." Oh my, if that ever happens, I am gonna lose it!

But if it ever does, just share it, and it will pass. Never keep that stuff to yourself.

For now, I will just keep on passing by for the positive vibes. :)

Excellent article, thanks for sharing. This teaching is very important to us.
Greetings from Venezuela 😉

I want to do a giveaway here in the near future, but my problem is it would be a physical item. My big concern is the hassle of shipping it. Also concerned about the cost of potentially shipping it.

You have a lovely and not greedy mentality, I might make a contest on writing about certain topics (Lists...) and paying 10 SBD to the best writers... LOL! :D

Thank you for opening up your heart @coruscate !! Steemit loves you :) you are so right on with all your observations and im am SO glad we met on that first giveaway you did ever. I knew talent when I saw it and i always knew you would be a huge star on Steemit and beyond :)

In everything, there can always be pros and cons even for giveaway. Like you, I have run giveaway in the past like many others. Giveaway is a good way to excite the community and give the new member little candies as well to raise their motivation in steemit. There can be many followers but how many everyone is having the idea of mutual support as a community. Many can just be takers and not return anything to the steemit community. A bit of random thoughts of mine. You are definitely a great lady with a great heart to help the steemit community.

That's a great dtube and I appreciate your post..
Keep it up..

I don't have a ton of input here, just wanted to chime in and say that I am pretty into crypto and this the site could really do well.
As you said, as userbase grows, content will shift from crypto only discussions. The average user who hears about it won't even know/care that it is on the "blockchain", they will just be interested in internet points that can actually translate to real value.
I think a platform like this has the capability to promote discussions with more substance.


Please am very sorry for asking you to upvote my post, it is a mistake. thanks

Damnnnn glad I watched this! Found it super helpful and I'm now coming up with one! (For real!) Hahaha so true and this is so smart also. Put smiles on other faces and gain more engagement at the same time. Thanks for sharing Lea ps. I'm drinking mocha while watching the vid but yours looks delicious too! haaa ❤

What else can I say?
Your give away was the first big steemit earning I have ever got.
And am still grateful for the love.
I have also learned from it.

I'm very excited for giveaways and hope I get steem

So, I was a barista for a short time, when my first born was 2. We thought it would be a good way to make some extra money and get out of the house. It was really fun, but I quickly realized I wanted to be home. Anyway, I love the idea of a giveaway where you encourage your followers to interact!!

That must have been a blast to witness!! And the connections and friendships that could spark as a result?? Oh, I needed that jumpstart! We've got out of town guests this week, so I won't be on much, but I know what working on in the meanwhile! So exciting? Thanks so much!!

They are certainly powerful :) I discovered your blog through a giveaway, I didn't win but after I watched your videos I got emotionally attached to them.

This inspires me to create giveaways in the future when I get a higher income on Steemit

Well said dear. It is a really power technique to generate leads and traffic/