Followers Appreciation: 3 bot upvotes worth $0.1- Week 1

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Hello Everyone Again

It had been long you have been resteeming the sponsored post that I have been posting. It means a lot to me., and I really appreciate what you have been doing for very less SBD. And we are slowly getting many sponsors, who want to resteem their post. You all are doing great. To appreciate you efforts, I decided to give something back. I will give a bot upvote worth $0.1 in 3 of your comments. Those comments will be selected randomly.To be eligible for the contest, you must have resteemed atleast 1 post in "Resteem the Sponsored post contest".

The rules are very simple. You don't need to upvote or resteem this post. Only thing to be eligible is you should be my follower who have been participating in "Resteem the Sponsored post contest". this week between May 20-May 27. Check my blog for details about "Resteem the Sponsored post contest".


1. Just comment something. (upvotes and resteem are optional)

2. 3 random WINNER'S comments will get upvote of $0.1 from the bot after 1 week.

Disclaimer: If you haven't participated in "Resteem the Sponsored Post Contest" this week, you are not eligible. The final decision is entirely upon me. I will check everything manually.

If you have any suggestion, please provide it below about the format of "Followers Appreciation" and "Resteem the Sponsored Post Contest"

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I enjoyed doing your task and actively doing it. Looking forward to interact with your tasks.


Thanks a lot for liking it. Good luck with the contest.

You are doing great for the minnows to get SBD. Hope your contest flourish.

Great work you are doing @airdropking, keep it up!

You got a 14.93% upvote from @luckyvotes courtesy of @airdropking!


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Yo, I am going to win this contest.
I am actively participating in your sponsored posts contests lately :)


Sure, 3 lucky people are going to win this contest. Good Luck


Good luck

I love entering all of your giveaways and contests! Keep it up!!


Thank you and good luck with the contest.

Hey buddy, not intending to spam you but you did say to comment anything. :D

Our project @haveaheart is looking for delegators. The first person to delegate 5000 SP or more will get 5 STEEM and 1 STEEM every 14 days after that.

Thanks for doing the giveaway, even though I didn't have to, I upvoted, tweeted, and resteemed this.

Have a great day!



Thanks for stopping by. This giveaway is for my followers who have been helping me in "Resteem the Sponsored post contest". I wish I delegate, but don't have enough SP


Sorry about that! lol I didn't realize that until after I commented. I guess my mind just didn't wanna see that part haha

Ok, w/o


Amazing contest! @airdropking, keep it up


Thank a lot @arvindkumar

Thank you airdropking for your generosity. It is a big help to me and im enjoying your tasks too. Im looking forward to it everyday.


Thanks a lot @croxdrangel for your participation, and good luck.

Hears! really thank you very much, to share with your followers the thanks, and in this way you will like much more then


Thanks, it means a lot. And Good Luck

I have earned sbd for resteems!


You are in,Good luck