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There are so many opportunities for investment and, before investment all investor only thinking of profits because nobody wants to lose their money at all, After the introduction of Cryptocurrency market people like to invest their money in crypto because it can give them a huge ROI than other any kind of investment opportunities but the matter of thinking is that if you getting high ROI of investment then it is also sure you can face huge loss too without a finance management skill.

There are lots of cryptocurrency coins but most are highly volatile and, they are all depended upon open market. Few of them are stable coin like Tether USD, TrueUSD and, so on but currently, all stable coins are backed by us dollar but introducing "Gigzi" is the 1st stable cryptocurrency backed by precious metals like platinum, gold and, silver.

Why Gigzi choose precious metal for his ecosystem?

As you know in the blockchain industries have the power to change the world but the highly volatile nature of cryptocurrencies is the point where people think twice before investing, on another hand most wealthy people store their assets in the form of precious metal like gold but gold have some safety issue like gold can't be safe to store at home, and all gold can be theft, high risk to transport, you can't sell buy high amount of gold it can be illegal in some countries, different countries have different law with gold if you want to keep your gold in your home and, it is quite difficult to take your gold with your international trips.

As I said Blockchain industries have the power to change the world so here "Gigzi" close the bridge between precious metals and cryptocurrency. As I said Blockchain industries have the power to change the world so here "Gigzi" close the bridge between precious metals and cryptocurrency.

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Ecosystem Of Gigzi

The ecosystem of "Gigzi" consist of 2 tokens Gigzi Black (GZB) and, Gigzi metal. Under Gigzi metal there are three sub-tokens like Gigzi platinum(GZP), Gigzi gold(GZG) and, Gigzi silver(GZS). See the bellow image for more details.the best way to.png
Gigzi black(GZB) is the driver of the "Gigzi" ecosystem and Gigzi will raise its funds by selling a certain percentage of Gigzi black(GZB) token and this token's price is backed by open market. Gigzi black(GZB) token is the utility token of "Gigzi" ecosystem.

"Gigzi" metal token are the virtual form of their respective precious metals. as an instance, If you want to store your asset in gold you can simply buy some "Gigzi" gold tokens that can be stored virtually up to you can, It support borderless transformation, highly safe, you can redeem it into real gold when you want and, your gold will be delivered at your doorstep.

The best part of "Gigzi" ecosystem is it rewards its holders when you buy and hold some Gigzi balck(GZB) token up to 90 days you will get some tokens as rewards from "Gigzi" platform and this reward is collected from the fee of all transaction happened on the platform which is laterally get distributed with its supporters. For more information must visit the Website and must-read Whitepaper for deep understanding.

Website, Whitepaper, Telegram, ANN Thread

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